Razer is famous as hp and dell in the world of gaming. The brand provides you with quality and portability for the price you pay. You can get other brands offering a comparatively lower price. Still, none of those has a thin body and lightweight as Razer.

Why Are Razer Laptops So Expensive

Some of the brands have been trying to develop laptops better than Razer.

Still, none could introduce any better option until now. The brands that had come up with gaming couldn’t prove high quality as Razer as most of them start showing issues after 5 to 6 months of use.

If you belong to the category of elite gamers, Razer is your thing. Razer ensures provides a balanced picture between power and portability. At the same time, they allow gamers to do any core discussions whenever they want.

Compared with other brands like Dell, hp, ASUS brand, and ASER, Razer doesn’t feel weak in its offerings and selections. It mainly focuses on providing portable gaming.

However, the cost of Razer laptops is higher compared to other laptops. If you are into gaming and stuff, Razer is the right option. Let’s explore the features of Razer.

Why‌ ‌Are‌ ‌Razer‌ ‌Laptops‌ ‌So‌ ‌Expensive‌?

Let’s explore what they offer at an expensive price.

Customization Options

Compactness is one of the main features of this laptop. The laptops are sleek, compact, and slim, but they must be functional along with this. If you have used Apple Mac Book Pro, you might think that a laptop as thin as Razer is not of really good graphics.

The brand invests money to provide the best quality graphics and portability while keeping the weight light.

One more thing you need to observe is that both the computers and laptops run the same components, such as graphics card, RAM, and processor.

Everything used in making both computers and laptops is similar, and they both perform the same job with excellent results.

On desktops, assembly is mostly the same, and the parts are compatible. The components of each computer can be used for each other without any problem.

However, it is not the same as laptops. In the laptop, every part has different customization, engineering, and layout. It is a reason why laptop components cannot be compared with one another.

Specs Of Razer

Razer is one of Blade’s most expensive gaming laptops. It comes with a 14 to 17-inch display (in different editions) and a discreet graphics card.

For a couple of years, Razer has proved to be the best laptop for gaming and stuff. The competition in technology is higher than ever today, but Razer is not even close to losing the race yet.

Razer’s Ranking

So the razer brand has neither won nor lost the race until now. It just keeps on the tie because of mixed reviews from customers.

Razer has not achieved the top ranking, and there are other comparative options also available in the market.

When you talk about Razer, as a customer, you want to go for an option that offers you the best product at the best price.

Unfortunately, even though Razer is an outstanding laptop for gamers but it is not pocket-friendly. It is one reason why Razer has never gotten on top when we talk about its ranking amongst other brands.

Do They Upgrade the System?

When we talk about up-gradation, Razer has always come better and boosted every time it launches a new edition. The drawback is that sometimes the new edition comes with better and enhanced features.

Still, they often lose to maintain all of the previous edition’s dominating features. For example, let’s talk about the razer blade 15; the laptop has a 15.6 inches display screen size, 16 GB RAM, 1TB SSD for gaming, and a battery for up to six hours.

On the other side, when we talk about a newer version, razer blade pro 17, it comes with a 17.3-inch screen display, 16 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD, and battery time of up to 5 hours.

Here, it can be observed that they offer better and boosted versions when launching a new one. But somehow, they happen to lose it when they have to take care of every tiny detail about the previous edition.

In the razer blade, 17 pros, the battery time and SSD storage are not as good as in the previous edition.

Here customers often get irritated as they pay a high price for the latest version which has improved and enhanced features. They have to accept some of the shortcomings they were not dealing with in the older edition.

Is Razer Top of the List Option for Gamers?

So here comes an important one, OS with Razer the first choice for gamers?

Yes! The majority of gamers love the brand, precisely when we talk about hardcore gaming. Razer is the only brand that has left Apple behind when it comes to gaming.

Razer laptops are gorgeous in looks and support plenty of power. The brand has also started to expand its horizons with the help of creative professionals with workstations, that are just tempting as its gaming laptops.

Here, what the company did is unbelievable. Taking the giant Apple’s place by reaching the top of the gaming world is remarkable progress.

The only lacking right now Razer has is just a few features of new versions they leave unimproved or not as good as previous ones if they take care of that part. And if they make more availability in terms of variety.

The last and most important one, which doesn’t allow the razer brand to lead in every aspect, is its relatively high price; if the price goes down a little, that will go in the brand’s favor.

Are Razer Blade Laptops Worth The Price?

There is no second thought; Razer laptops are the most expensive when we talk about gaming laptops. But the question arises, Are razer laptops worth it?

Yes, they do. We need to better understand and pay attention to Razer as not a regular brand for casual everyday use.

There is a clear difference between gadgets we use for daily work and a machine that we require specifically for a specific purpose which is hard to do.

Razer doesn’t come with ordinary parts, and its manufacturing is also critical compared with other computers. The slim body of this machine contains a lot of excellent features within itself.

What Are The Key Strengths Of Razer?

Why should you go for a razer laptop when you have other cheaper cost systems available in the market? What are the key strengths which make Razer stand out from the crowd? Are razer laptops overpriced?

These are the questions that often disturb a customer and leave you confused about whether you should go for this or should you think of a substitute.

The answer is quite simple; no brand would charge something which does not benefit the buyer at the right price. Razer does provide the best features in return for the cost it demands.

No customer is naive enough to go for a costly option when there is the same thing available at a lower price.

Razer is definitely worth its cost, and what features it offers don’t make it overpriced at all. Let’s have a look at its dominating features.

Active and Accurate Tech Support

It is officially known that Razer provides the best tech support to its customers, with deep researchable sources online.

Not only this, but their customer service is also very accommodating towards its customers; they entertain each query with great empathy and support.

Gorgeous and Attractive Design

Razer laptops come in gorgeous designs. The sleek, slim body with its three-headed snake logo on that makes it appear to be so chic.

The beautiful RGB lightning and the premium CNC aluminum give it a fantastic look.

Introducing New Categories

Razer has always continued to embrace that outside the gaming community. That began with the strength of steel blades for mobile professionals and a professional studio line for creative professionals.

So these are the details about people’s opinions about the razer brand. We have penned up the facts based on past years’ reviews about Razer, and unsurprisingly it has always stood on above four stars rating out of five throughout the years.

There is no doubt about it that the company has set the standards up to the mark.

Every single razer laptop we’ve reviewed has a top performance, a gorgeous display, and a sturdy unibody-aluminum frame. These laptops also cost a bit more; that’s why opting for Razer is an investment.

But if we look at the reviews and opinions about customers, it clearly shows this investment is worth it.


So here we have come to summarize that razer laptops are great for gaming and hardcore use. But if you are looking for an option for regular home or office use, you should opt for a regular one.

Razer laptops are specially constructed to require more enhanced and costly features such as better graphic cards. When talking about price, it does charge a high amount, but they provide a great return at the set price.

I hope this personal guide about Why‌ ‌Are‌ ‌Razer‌ ‌Laptops‌ ‌So‌ ‌Expensive‌ was helpful to you.

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