People who need to carry a laptop most of the time, due to work or other reasons, need to have the right bag.

It is quite apparent that nobody can hold a laptop without a bag all the time; you need a comfortable and suitable size bag to keep your laptop in that.

How To Measure Laptop Size

You may feel a bit confused while selecting a sleeve or bag for your laptop, as it is supposed to be the right size.

We will tell you the right way to measure bag size to save you from the hassle of ordering the wrong size bag for your laptop.

The bag or sleeve is either loose that the laptop moves here and there or too tight that putting it in the bag becomes a struggle.

Let’s know the method without further delay; just grab a measuring tape or ruler and note these points.

How To Measure Laptop Size?

Let’s start with the sleeve size.

Measure Laptop Size For Sleeve

Here we will discuss how to measure the laptop size for the sleeve. Please have a look at the points below.

Measure Diagonally

The laptop’s inch size explains edge to edge screen’s diagonal measurement. This measurement doesn’t include the bezel in it. Bezel (the casing on the screen’s surroundings) adds an additional inch to the bag’s size.

You are required to measure laptop size diagonally from one edge to another. It will help you find the actual size of the laptop.

Measure Height

For better accuracy, close the laptop first. Put the measuring tape or ruler along the bottom and top of the laptop lid. It tells the right height of the laptop.

Add one to two inches in this size for a sleeve so that your laptop doesn’t get stuck in it.

Measure Width

Put the measuring tape or ruler across the laptop, from left to right parallel along with the longest sides. It tells the width of your device.

Here you need to ensure that the sleeve is not too tight that the device shakes around.

Measure Depth

Put the ruler or measuring tape on the table’s surface where the laptop is there. Measure it vertically upwards to record the laptop’s depth.

It is necessary to measure depth as if you are using an old laptop that is not as slim as the latest editions; you need to order the right size sleeve.

So the sleeve you need to order requires at least half an inch more than the size of the laptop’s depth. Did you know, How to Keep Gaming Laptop Cool (9 Tested Ways)

Measure Laptop Size for Skin

Now let’s move to the second point. How to measure laptop size for skin?

Research the Right Type

So, first of all, you are required to figure out what kind of laptop skin you are looking to purchase. Here it would help if you did some research about the skin that fits better to your requirements.

Measure the Laptop Size Correctly

Measure the laptop size carefully to order the right size laptop screen. The size before placing the order is required to be perfect as it depends on whether you are using a PC or Mac.

The dimensions of Mac are relatively uniform, so it’s easy to measure the size diagonally.

While the PC sizes are relatively different, it’s better to take the right measurements to place an order. Once you have measured it, now add an inch or two to the actual size.

When you receive your order, just cut the additional inches to the right size and apply them to the screen.

Measure the Width and Length

Okay, so now we will measure length using a ruler or a measuring tape, just as we did for measuring the sleeve. Take a ruler or a measuring tape, and measure the laptop from both sides vertically and horizontally. Note the measurements.

You need to add just one thing, no need to include the protrusions here, such as hinges while measuring. You are only required to take measurements of the flat surface on top of the skin.

Apply the Laptop Skin as Per the Directions

Once we are done with the measuring part, follow the practices mentioned here to know the right size required.

Now apply it to the screen as per the description mentioned in the package. Cut the excess sheet from the surroundings and carefully apply on to the screen

Know the Laptop’s Screen Size

When you need to replace or fix your laptop’s screen or buy a new laptop case, you need to know your device’s size.

Nobody remembers the size in inches and centimeters if we measured it ages ago. So How to see the screen size of the laptop without measuring it?

Use Laptop’s Model Specification

To find out your laptop’s screen’s accurate size is to check the specifications of the model you are using.

Specifications are mentioned either on the casing or mentioned on the user’s manual. You can also check the cover on the bottom of the laptop if these are there.

Specifications clearly tell the right size, or at least it has the model number. If you cannot access it from the laptop’s cover or packaging, search in the computer’s settings for the model information.

You may find the screen size under the laptop properties. They are generally in the folder of display settings.

If it is not there, try advanced display settings. Here you need to be cautious; if you cannot understand the guide mentioned here, do not make adjustments.

In some rare cases, a search reveals the device’s specifications but not the screen size. Here you should use the model number to search online to know the size of the screen.

You can also search online for similar laptops to yours and try to get an approximate idea about your screen size.

Now search for the model/make which seems closest to your device. It is not that accurate, but it will help if you are looking to know the dimensions, like for situations for buying a sleeve, skin, or bag of a laptop.

If you want to know the reasons like buying screen guards or connecting with other screen devices, you need accurate measurements.

An advanced search would be for a code of the command line that can produce the specs for tech-savvy.

It may not be so complicated; when you copy the code according to your device model, paste that into the command prompt, and then run this code.

It will provide accurate measurements, but it will depend on your drivers whether they are updated.

Use a Website or App

In the world of revolutionized technology, you can get significant help from websites and online apps to find solutions for anything.

To know the accurate size of your laptop screen, you need to install the relevant software. It will help by saving from searching online with the help of model numbers etc.

This method doesn’t work if you are looking to measure the bezel area.

Some of the apps ask you to enter the current display resolution and some other screen specifications. Once you fill in the right information, these apps will do the rest of the work.

Measure Laptop Size for Backpack

This one is really tricky, finding out the right size for the laptop backpack.

If you have a backpack that perfectly fits your torso length, there are fewer chances to work correctly to your hip. So how to measure laptop size for a backpack without any flaws in measurements?

Here, keep these details in mind to know the right way to shop for the right size. To measure the width, put the measuring tape on top of the device from one edge to another.

The best way to measure laptop size is to measure diagonally from one edge to another.

Backpack sizes are usually measured in two ways, first is by measuring the backpack’s volume.

The volume tells how much weight it can carry. Volume can be measured by using liters or cubic inches. Another way to measure the size of the backpack is through the dimensions of the bag.


It depends on the manufacturing of the backpack’s measurement in liters or in cubic inches.

Some brands offer both versions so that it is more convenient for the customers to understand better. A bag’s volume can be calculated by using a formula for computing its dimensions.


The size of a laptop refers to its dimensions, especially its length, depth, and width. The backpack’s size is significant as it ensures how the bag sits on the body.

To select the right size, measure the dimensions from up to down and the width. Add three to four inches in the laptop’s size to order the correct size backpack, which is not so big for you to carry and not too small to hold the laptop.

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Here we discussed the details about how to measure the laptop size sleeves, skin, screen size, and right backpack size of the laptop with accuracy.

For each thing, slightly different from other methods are used. Follow these practices to know the right size of all four or any of these sizes.

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