As the world is progressing, people are moving toward more compact and powerful devices. The laptops have been serving a great purpose in this regard. Companies are manufacturing powerful laptops and have already surpassed desktops.

How to Keep Gaming Laptop Cool

But these gaming laptops also have a drawback such as the overheating issue. It might make you ask a question How to Keep Gaming Laptop Cool?

I used to have the same question, but then I searched a lot and came up with the best ways to do so.

I searched for the best way to cool down a laptop easily for your convenience.

Now you can choose any one of the below-mentioned methods and try them out and see which one works best for you. And if they don’t work, buy a laptop that can take all the load and doesn’t get heated.

There can be few factors that can cause your laptop to overheat. We will also be discussing those but first, let’s discuss how you can prevent your laptop from overheating.

9 Ways How to Keep Gaming Laptop Cool?

So if you have come all the way here to know how you can cool down your laptop, then I shouldn’t disappoint you, and nor will you be disappointed.

I have compiled the nine best ways to keep your laptop cool and save it from overheating. These ways are as under:

1. Clean your laptop from the inside

Regular maintenance can be a good thing for any electronic device. It is recommended that you clean your laptop from the inside at least once in 6 months.

There can be a lot of particles inside the laptop that might decrease the performance of your laptop.

Firstly you need to open your laptop’s back and then use a dry cloth or brush to clean any dust you see inside gently.

Please don’t use a wet cloth as it might damage the components. Once you are done, you will see a significant difference in your laptop’s performance and cooling.

2. Don’t place it on an uneven surface

You might use the laptop on your bed and use your pillow as a stand, but placing it on such an uneven surface can block the path of the air, and eventually, your laptop will start heating up.

You can buy a laptop desk so that you can work at any place and don’t face any problem whatsoever.

Most of the laptops have grills on the side, so it is recommended that you place your laptop on an even surface so that those grills are entirely exposed and can help the fan keep the laptop to an optimum temperature.

3. Invest in a Good Cooling pad

You should buy a good cooling pad for your laptop. It not only has an extra fan that allows the laptop to cool down more quickly, but it also keeps the laptop above the surface that allows more ventilation.

So you should go and invest a few bucks in a cooling pad if your device keeps on heating up.

4. Don’t overload the laptop with applications

When you are working on one thing, try to keep all the other applications closed.

These apps running in the background exert more pressure on the processor which eventually starts to get worked up and heats the laptop. So always try to minimize the usage or check the maximum limit of your laptop.

5. Use adaptable and compatible hardware

Sometimes the hardware used in your laptop is so old that it cannot perform heavy tasks. When this happens, the processor has to work more than required. It will eventually increase the temperature of your device.

So make sure to use compatible and modern hardware to ensure maximum performance and less heating.

6. Avoid putting it under direct sunlight

Experts believe that you should not put the laptops under direct sunlight as it can cause the internal components to melt if placed for a prolonged time. The battery can also be damaged due to direct sunlight.

So if you want to avoid your laptop from malfunctioning, keep it in a place with a cool or average temperature.

7. Adjust the fan speed

Sometimes the fan speed has been set to a minimum by the company. But you can control the CPU fan speed by yourself too. There are many apps that you can install to control the fan speed of your laptop.

If you see that the fan’s speed is not optimal according to your usage, enhance it to its maximum and then check if it works. If this doesn’t keep the laptop cool, you should consider putting less load on your device.

8. Play games at lower graphics

While playing, we prefer the highest graphics. If you have an expensive graphics card installed on your computer, make sure your processor is also compatible enough to hold such power and graphics.

If you notice that it is heating up more than usual, try playing the games at low graphics, it will help decrease the heat being produced inside the laptop.

9. Apply the thermal paste on the components

The graphic card and the processor, along with other components, have a thermal paste layer that allows the transfer of heat to all other laptops, preventing the overheating of a laptop.

When your device is new, it comes with a fresh thermal coat, but this paste wears off as time passes.

You should reapply the thermal paste every 3-5 years. But you don’t have any experience in doing so; you should hire a professional to do it as it is a very delicate procedure.

We use rubbing alcohol to take off the existing paste, and then a new layer of paste is added to the internal components.

Things That Might Cause Your Laptop to Overheat

Many things might cause your laptop to overheat.

As you have already read the methods used to cool down the computer, you also need to know what things affect the laptop’s cooling process and let it overheat. These things can be:

  • A Faulty Fan is the most common cause of overheating of a laptop. Usually, the fan gets stuck due to some dust or even if gets damaged. If it is because of the dust, you can clean it up, and it’s good to go. But if the fan malfunctions, you will need a specialist to repair or even replace it.
  • You may be using your laptop on an uneven surface or your pillow. It blocks the air passage, due to which the laptop doesn’t get the required cooling and starts heating.
  • It can also be due to over-usage. Many laptops have a limit. If you are using a laptop more than it can handle, then you are not only doing injustice with the laptop; you are also taking it towards a slow death, I mean ceasing to work.

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Optimal Temperature While Gaming or Working

The optimal temperature for most gaming laptops ranges from 60 to 70°C. But if you notice that your laptop is going beyond the 90°C mark, you should consider shutting it down.

If you don’t, then the laptop automatically shuts down when the core temperature reaches 99°C. It is done to prevent the internal components of the laptop from being harmed.

You can use any software or apps that can help you detect the core temperature of the laptop. These laptops can be quite helpful in saving your device from specific heating issues.

How to Maintain the Gaming Laptop Battery?

To maintain your laptop’s battery life or even enhance it, you should consider a few factors. These points are:

  • You should switch from the hard drive to a more efficient gaming SSD. It will enhance the performance of your laptop as well as provide more power and efficiency.
  • When you are not using the laptop, switch off the wifi and the Bluetooth and any apps operating in the background. It lessens the load on the processor.
  • You should use the hibernate mode in place of the sleep mode as the battery doesn’t drain out in the hibernate mode but can quickly be drained while it is on sleep.
  • You can lower the brightness when not needed, check your power mode, and many other things to maintain the battery of your gaming laptop for longevity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s take a look at some of the most related questions that people have.

Q1: Is overheating dangerous?

Ans: Yes. Overheating is dangerous for both the laptop and you.

The overheating can cause the laptop’s internal components to malfunction, and its heat can also damage your skin if you place the laptop near your skin while it is heating up.

Q2: Which laptop is best for gaming?

Ans: Any laptop with 16Gb Ram and more than 500Gb of SSD storage can be the best option if you want a remarkable experience in gaming.

You can find many affordable gaming laptops online from different brands.


So here you go How to Keep Gaming Laptop Cool. It was not as big of a deal as you might have thought. There are certain factors due to which your laptop heats up, and it’s normal. I have been through it many times, but there is always a way to solve everything.

Now go and enjoy gaming or complete your work before your boss gives you a call to send him an important email.

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