Although there are plenty of laptop brands that are going head to head to outdo each other over raw brawn and sheer beauty, Alienware stands tall and prestigious amongst this noble race.

Developed by infamous tech Conglomerate, Dell, Alienware is a gaming-oriented subsidiary that has racked quite a sum in the gaming industry and is making headlines for a multitude of reasons.

Matter of fact, it’s been making rounds for so long that I felt obliged to the point that it subconsciously pushed me to curate an article regarding “Are Alienware Laptops Worth it” or it’s just a marketing ruse to hype up its sales amongst the ill-informed.

Nevertheless, I will be pointing out its strengths and flaws in such a benign way so even a non-tech-savvy individual reading it could make their own judgment and come up with a noteworthy conclusion on this topic.

Are Alienware Laptops worth it? | Flaws and Strengths

I’ve decided this article into two sections; the strengths and flaws of the Alienware laptop. Let’s discuss them one by one. Let’s jump-start this article with its strength. 

1. Good Design And Quality

Yes, these laptops are somewhat overpriced, but for all the right reasons. Have you ever used an Alienware product? 

They offer a military-grade premium design that speaks volumes when it comes to its chassis finishes, which most other alternative brands on the market won’t have because they cut corners to conserve pricing costs.

Every laptop they have designed looks unique and doesn’t feel like the same dull build that matches its predecessors, such as Microsoft Surface books.

Their laptop has innovation and feels like a fresh breath of air with plenty of incremental changes in their newer generation of laptops.

2. Impeccable Display Quality

I cannot emphasize enough how amazing Alienware laptops’ displays are since they are virtually unmatched in the market when it comes to true HD displays. 

As well as offering vivid IPS output, they also feature refresh rates tailored specifically for gaming, ranging from 120hz to 240hz with adaptive screen resolutions.

3. Amazing Customer Support

Most of the alternative brands are only focused on the procurement of their products and don’t provide much customer support.

However, that is not the case with Alienware, which offers 24/7 email and telephonic support for their consumers that covers technical aspects, which makes them one the best brands in the market by maintaining an ample reputation in public relations.

4. Top-Notch Interface Compatibility

Being a gamer focus brand, Alienware laptops come clustered with top-of-the-line USB interfaces with plenty of input and output hubs which not only have newer gen thunderbolt compatibility but also come with backward old-school generation USB 2.0 so you can connect almost any gaming peripheral with ease.

5. Jaw-Dropping Cooling And Ventilation System

As previously mentioned, plenty of thought process is put into the design in manufacturing their devices, their cooling and ventilation are top-notch and cleverly engineered which has no parallel when it comes to another brand comparison.

Since they are designed for gamers, they ensure gamers get the best experience without having to deal with their hardware getting worn out in due time due to unnecessary heat generation.

6. High-End Gamer-Focused Speciations

As we all know, Alienware likes to keep things as futuristic as possible to match their theme which is why they almost always include a newer generation processor with plenty of cores and threads as well as a massive dedicated graphics card from either Nvidia or AMD.

On the other hand, other brands tend to lack a dedicated graphics computational unit and force their consumer to use a weaker integrated graphics card in their gaming products which don’t excel well in gaming.

7. Lovely Keyboard Design With Superb Aesthetics

One of the top requirements from a gaming product is usually in how it looks, and Alienware doesn’t fall back when it comes to aesthetics as they have next-level keyboard designs with gorgeous multiple-zoned RGB colors that give of hardcore gaming feel.

The Ugly Side Of Alienware Laptops

To balance out this topic and prevent unnecessary bias from building up, here are a couple of things you might want to keep an eye out for.

1. Bulky And Awkward

You have to admit, not everyone likes a beefy laptop that feels awkward in its hands due to its massive weight. All these incredible features tend to weigh down the laptop, impacting drastically the portability of their products. 

And oftentimes, they are big enough to not fit in every bag so it is a little hard to carry them everywhere which is a feature a little frowned upon in the laptop’s community.

2. Hefty Price Tags

Yes, it is a well-known fact that Alienware cost a ton and is generally overpriced as compared to their counterpart brands like Razer, however, nobility and premium finishes come at a cost so if you are an individual that is on a budget, I would suggest there are much better alternatives in the market that would serve you well to quench your gaming needs.

3. Horrendous Battery Life

Just like its other flaws, I have yet to see an Alienware laptop with decent battery life because of its high-end specifications and other unnecessary illumination which perfectly hits the final nail in the coffin of the battery aspect.

On the other hand, brands like Apple, and HP tend to have amazing battery life due to highly optimized software, so if you are looking for something reliable in terms of battery life, steer clear of Alienware.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some related FAQs.

Are Alienware Laptops Any Good?

Yes, their quality, longevity, and price-to-value ratio speak volumes and definitely justify them, making them highly reliable and well worth the money.

Is Alienware 2020 Worth It?

If you are a gamer or a newbie that wants to start your gaming career, Alienware 2020 is most certainly a fine route that you could take, without any regrets.

Do Alienware Laptops Overheat?

Gaming laptops with high-end specs will overheat, and Alienware laptops are no different. It’s best to invest in a cooling pad.

Final Verdict

So, ladies and gentlemen, these are some of the undisputed facts revolving around Alienware and now it’s up to you to weigh in your choices whether you want to commit to an investment or not.

Bookmark this article so the next time anyone in your circle brings up this topic, you can easily share this link and end this debate once and for all while saving you precious time and energy along the way.

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