There have been a dozen times when I came across this question where people are continuously asking whether they should buy a standard keyboard or go for an expensive gaming keyboard.

Gaming Keyboard Vs Normal Keyboard

But the real question is if you spend money to buy a gaming keyboard, then the question arises: are gaming keyboards worth it?

These questions come to mind whenever we are thinking of buying a keyboard. It’s not new, so you don’t have to worry much about it.

We are here for your help in making the decision. It would be best to keep in mind a few things while buying a keyboard for yourself that we will discuss in this article.

But let’s see a few differences between a Gaming Keyboard Vs Normal Keyboard.

So let’s dive right into the topic.

What is a Normal Keyboard and a Gaming Keyboard?

The keyboards that are used frequently in offices and houses are Normal keyboards. These have dome-shaped membranes present underneath each button.

When we press the button, the dome membrane is compressed, due to which a function is performed. Did you know, Are Mechanical Keyboards Better for Gaming?

But you might need to press these buttons with the force for the dome to compress and operate. This technology is used to decrease manufacturing costs and make it an affordable option. It only allows a maximum of 10 million clicks.

On the other hand, gamers usually use keyboards to enhance gaming experiences are Gaming Mechanical keyboards.

In these keyboards, every key has a dedicated base, string, and stem that performs the functions quickly.

This technology removes the compressions of any domes underneath, making the typing process easy and fast.

These keyboards allow a maximum of 50 million clicks which is five times greater than a standard keyboard. You can also press multiple keys simultaneously, due to which gamers much love it.

Significant Differences Between Gaming Keyboard Vs Normal Keyboard

There are some significant differences between a Gaming and a Normal keyboard.

After knowing these differences, you will decide which keyboard is best for you according to your usage.

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1. Typing Experience

The typing experience on a Gaming keyboard is much higher compared to a normal one. The keys don’t require much force to operate and provide fast feedback to the buttons we have pressed.

Your hands can get tired on a membrane keyboard due to the continuous pressure required to perform the function.

The only issue it shows is that typing on a gaming keyboard produces more sound than on a normal keyboard. It is not recommended to be used in an office or any quiet place.

2. Durability

The Durability of a Gaming keyboard is more. But if we include the price range for both types, then the gaming keyboards are bound to be more durable due to their high price.

3. Maintenance

The Normal keyboard doesn’t have any removable keycaps, due to which cleaning the dust in between the keys becomes much more difficult.

On the other hand, gaming keyboards have removable keycaps, which they can be maintained and cleaned easily.

4. N-key rollover

The N-key rollover is a function that allows you to click multiple keys at the same time while keeping the functionality normal.

On a normal keyboard, if you press numerous keys quickly, it might show an error. So, for a fast Typer, the gaming keyboard is the best choice.

5. Response Time

The response time on a membrane keyboard is around 0.03 seconds. It might not feel slow for a daily life Typer, but this difference can be the time between the Win and Loss for a gamer.

The Gaming keyboards provide faster feedback, and as soon as your press the key, the function is performed simultaneously.

6. Looks

The aesthetic look of a gaming keyboard is a thing to remember. Our normal keyboards don’t have an extraordinary look, but gamers’ keyboards have great looks.

7. Backlighting and Comfort

The Gaming keyboards include RGB Backlighting that allows you to use it even in a dark environment.

Plus, you cannot match the comfort provided by a gaming keyboard with the stress caused by a normal keyboard.

8. Programmable Keys (Macros)

One of the most winning functions of a Gaming keyboard is that they have programmable keys. You can set up a single key to perform a task that requires you to press seven keys.

This feature is also called Macros. Gamers prefer this technology as they can perform functions quickly and easily with this extraordinary feature.

Reasons Why a Gaming keyboard is better than a Normal Keyboard.

There are four main reasons why gaming keyboards are considered better than a standard keyboards, even though gaming keyboards are relatively expensive.

  1. The Gaming keyboards allow faster typing than a standard keyboard. If you are a fast typer, then this will be the perfect keyboard for you.
  2. The mechanic keyboards are way more comfortable than normal ones. You don’t have to put much pressure to perform a specific task. It is quick and comfortable.
  3. They have backlighting that enhances your gaming experience. You can play games in a dark environment. These lights will make the buttons visible and fun.
  4. You can customize the keyboard according to your requirement. The keycaps can easily be removed and replaced with a variety of keycaps available in the market.

Pros and Cons of Normal Keyboard

The Pros and Cons of a Normal Keyboard are:


  • These keyboards are relatively lightweight. The objects used inside it have a very negligible weight that makes the keyboard lightweight.
  • The keys used in normal keyboards don’t make much noise, due to which they are great for working in an office.
  • The normal keyboards are relatively affordable as compared to the gaming keyboards.
  • They are used in every household.
  • The gaming keyboard is used somewhat less due to their prices.


  • The normal or membrane keyboards are not compatible with key rollover, making it challenging to press multiple keys quickly, especially while typing fast.
  • You may need to press the buttons with the force for the buttons to work. It is required to compress the dome that needs to be pressed to perform the function.
  • You might find it challenging to maintain a normal keyboard. These don’t have removable buttons, due to which you cannot completely clean the keyboard.
  • These keyboards are less durable.
  • They have a lifespan of almost 5 to 10 million clicks only.

Pros and Cons of Gaming Keyboard

The Pros and Cons of a Gaming Keyboard are:


  • The gaming keyboards are highly durable and have a lifespan of almost 50 million clicks. Plus, the keys used don’t require much force to perform the task.
  • These keyboards are compatible with the key rollover technology. You can quickly press multiple buttons simultaneously and have excellent typing feedback. The feedback is enhanced much fold to provide a premium gaming experience.
  • The one advantage that you might find interesting is that you can customize your keyboard. The caps can be removed, and there are various keycaps that you can use in their place.
  • The build quality of these keyboards is worth the price at which they are offered. You can also maintain them easily. You can clean off the dust by removing the keycaps and then placing them back again.


  • The Gaming keyboards are heavier than a normal keyboards. The components used within it are heavy which increases the weight of the keyboard.
  • They are not very portable. You might find it challenging to travel with your gaming keyboard.
  • They make loud sounds according to their features. You can use a gaming keyboard inside a room where only you are, but it is not recommended in the workplace.
  • Gaming keyboards are expensive due to the features they have. They use mechanical switches inside it that increase the price range.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s explore the most related FAQs.

Q1: Are gaming keyboards good for typing?

Ans: Yes, these keyboards can also work as a normal keyboards as they have all the essential keys available in a membrane keyboard. You can use it both for gaming and typing.

Q2: Do keyboards matter for gaming?

Ans: Yes. The normal keyboards have a reaction time of 0.03 seconds which is very high for a gamer as it can be the difference between Win and Loss.

The gaming keyboard has a higher reaction time to enhance the gaming experience.

Q3: Are small keyboards good for gaming?

Ans: Many small keyboards are available in the market with only the controls required for playing a game. They can also be useful if you want to use the keyboard for only gaming purpose.


So here you go. Now you have a complete overview of the differences between a Gaming Keyboard Vs Normal Keyboard.

In my opinion, if you love gaming and often play games, then buy a gaming keyboard as it can also be used as a membrane keyboard, and you won’t have to spend any extra money to buy two keyboards for different purposes.

Let me know what you think about these keyboards.

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