When we talk about Hp Vs Lenovo, we get to know that they are the No.1 and No.2 company in the list of best companies that manufacture quality laptops.

When you go to buy a laptop for yourself, you will see Hp and Lenovo laptops everywhere.

HP vs Lenovo Which is Better

Hp laptops and Dell have been in the marketplace for ages. But they are not as popular as Lenovo, mostly because they are a Chinese company.

After the release of ThinkPad and Idea pad, they became a great brand. But how are they compared to the Hp laptops?

Don’t worry. We will answer your question shortly in the article. So let’s get started.

Hp Vs Lenovo Desktops and Laptops:

Lenovo and Hp have created some high-quality products, including laptops, desktops, and many other things. They have competed for a long time.

The Lenovo laptops and desktops are relatively cheap but provide highly durable products. Hp laptops are a bit expensive due to their brand recognition and years of experience.

The Lenovo laptops are highly affordable with great power and battery life for longevity. In contrast, Hp laptops are more attractive and premium and can easily fit your budget.

The top three Hp laptops that you can come across are:

  • Hp Pavilion 15 i7
  • Hp Chromebook 14
  • Hp Stream 14

The tops three Lenovo laptops that you can buy are:

  • Lenovo Ideapad 3
  • Lenovo Flex 5
  • Lenovo Ideapad 5

Lenovo Vs Hp for Students

If you are a student and need a laptop for use in your studies, you should go for the Lenovo laptop. These are portable and cheaper than Hp but offer the same quality and performance.

The Lenovo laptops are also compact and highly portable. They are the best laptops for students who need to carry their laptops to university.

Comparison Between Hp Vs Lenovo

We will be discussing a few things about both of the companies and their products. These will help you decide which one would be best for you according to your requirement.


Hp Laptops are considered best for gaming, due to which they are also regarded as reliable enough. But as these laptops are tech, you might see some faults and problems in them in the future.

Some say that both brands’ keyboards are not suitable for professional use, but they are still used for businesses.

You should always buy a laptop with an i5 processor and at least 8Gb of Ram if you need it for business or gaming.

Always go for the latest models if you want a reliable and durable laptop. The old laptops can become outdated and less reliable in a few years.


The price of Hp laptops is relatively high as compared to the Lenovo ones. If you want to purchase a laptop with a low budget, you can go for the Lenovo laptop. You can have some fantastic products starting from only $139.99.

But the price for gaming laptops with higher graphics and processors can go up to $2500.

On the other hand, Hp laptops are priced slightly higher due to their experience and higher quality products. You can also buy a budget laptop from Hp.

They cost around $200 or more, and if you want a Hp gaming laptop, you need to have at least $2000 in your account to make that purchase.


If we talk about both the laptop companies’ speeds, then both of them are equally speedy. The processors being used inside them are high quality. They use i7 or above which provide some serious graphics and speed.

Business or Gaming

Usually, One of the questions that many people ask is if we need a laptop for business or gaming, which one should we go for then?

Usually, according to the experts and my research, Hp laptops are best for gaming purposes due to their higher graphics and reliability.

But if you need a laptop for your business, you should go for Lenovo’s high-quality laptops. Some of their laptops are highly compact and portable yet provide fantastic performance for greater productivity.

But for some people, as Hp is good for gaming, then surely it will also be a perfect choice for your business.


The modern Lenovo and Ho laptops have great graphics. They also use graphic cards in some of their products to increase the speed and frame rates.

You can see 4k resolution laptops available in the market, but you may need a bigger budget to buy them.

Build Quality

The build quality of Hp laptops is more robust and durable as compared to Lenovo. You may have seen Lenovo laptops with higher build quality than any other laptop.

So, if you want a laptop with the robust build quality, go for the Lenovo one of course. In the early 2000s, laptops did not have such a high-quality structure, but now the trend has significantly changed.

Variety of Products

Hp has been in this business for many years. They have a wide range of products available for their customers ranging from budget laptops to high-end ones.

However, Lenovo is not far behind. The Idea pad and ThinkPad series have gained much importance in recent years because of their small size and high performance.


If we look at the performance, then both Lenovo and hp have been giving great competition to all other brands.

They offer high performance best for any business or even gaming. You can add a graphic card to increase your laptop’s performance, but that’s only a choice.


The display used in laptops has significantly increased in the past few years. You can also see 8k laptops being manufactured and sold out in the market, but you may need a bigger budget to purchase one of them.

Usually, the laptops come with a 1080p resolution, and that is also remarkable.

You can play games to work with more excellent refresh rates and a brighter screen with perfect color contrast. If you are buying one for gaming purposes, then go for a 4k laptop; you will love its graphics.

Data Storage

The data storage highly depends on the type of laptop. Many laptops even have expandable storage.

If you need a bigger data storage capacity, you install a bigger HDD os SSD, especially for gaming, and your problem is solved. There are also many laptops with built-in 1Tb storage or even more sometimes.

The Hp laptops generally have a greater storage capacity as compared to the Lenovo ones. So if you want to have a greater storage capacity, then go for the Hp laptops.

Customer Support

As Lenovo and Hp are the leading laptop manufacturers in the market, they have exceptional customer support.

The Hp support sometimes lacks a few aspects. But they are usually very responsive and available 24/7 to resolve all your issues.

So if you choose either Lenovo or Hp, you will have some exceptional customer support coming your way.

You won’t have to bother about getting into a problem, as they will always be available to resolve your issues.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You might have some questions left in your mind, but don’t worry. We will resolve these confusions in the below section.

Q1: Are Hp Laptops made in China?

Ans: Yes, you might think that because their office is in America, so they are also manufactured there, but in reality, these laptops are made in China and other countries in Asia.

Q2: Is Lenovo better than Hp?

Ans: I won’t say that Hp is better than Lenovo, but if you compare them both concerning reliability and portability, Lenovo is the better option.

But if you have the resources and want a quality laptop, then go for the Hp Laptop.

Q3: Why is Lenovo cheaper than Hp?

Ans: The Lenovo laptops are cheaper than Hp laptops because of the brand credibility.

Due to years of experience with Hp, they can charge higher prices for their products. But Lenovo does not have these years of experience, but they offer the same quality at lower rates.


Hp is usually the best company when it comes to creating laptops.

They have been making some high-quality and durable laptops for a long time, due to which they have a slight edge over Lenovo. But if you are considering buying a laptop for business, then you should go for Lenovo.

Now it depends on your choice and needs which one you want to choose. You should keep in mind your requirements to select the best one for yourself.

If you are still puzzled about which one to buy Hp Vs Lenovo, let us know down below, and we will try to suggest the best laptop for you.

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