If you are one true gamer, you should know the importance of owning a gaming laptop. The top three achievements of any gamer are a house, a car, and a gaming laptop.

Those who do not belong to the gamers’ community may not understand a gamer’s bonding with his PC.

It is a no-brainer for those who are into gaming. Gamers like to feel the game at its best.

Outstanding graphics, minimal lag, and no-load time are the top three wishes of any gamer alive. Gaming laptops come with enhanced and upgraded features as compared with regular laptops.

Why are Gaming Laptops so Expensive

Regular desktops or laptops offer a standard display, battery, and cooling system if the system gets heated. But in gaming laptops, all the manufacturing components are of an advanced level and cost more than the regular ones.

But the question arises, why are gaming laptops so expensive and why do you purchase an expensive laptop just to play a damn game? What’s wrong with your personal laptop that is in your use already?

The answer is quite simple: a regular laptop cannot deliver the output as fine as a gaming laptop does.

Talk about graphics, the tendency to bear the load, etc. When there is heavy software operating when playing a game, a regular laptop may turn to work slowly and may not be able to support it like a gaming laptop.

The best feature of gaming laptops is, they offer a nice amount of RAM, a great quality screen, and a decent processor.

One more thing which confuses people is, why are gaming laptops so heavy. There is a simple answer to it; gaming laptops are bigger in size than regular laptops.

The components that a gaming laptop offers are far more advanced and heavier than a standard notebook, such as the cooling system it offers, its battery, ports, displays, etc.

If we compare the gaming laptop with a regular notebook, how can we compare the differences? Let’s give it a try.

Difference Between a Gaming and a Regular Laptop

It is not like you cannot play games on a regular laptop. You can play games on your laptop, and it does support the gaming software, just up to a certain extent.

The major component of a gaming laptop is delivering a high-quality game for a more extended period.

Gaming laptops are designed to allow you to run and play high-quality intense games and HD quality.

They offer a classic experience with the most potent batteries installed in their making, which can run for hours without getting hanged.

What features do gaming laptops offer that a regular laptop doesn’t? Have a look here.

Personalization Options

the question people often ask is, why are gaming laptops more expensive than desktops? The answer is simple; a laptop is a portable device, unlike a desktop. You can keep your laptop wherever you go if you like with no issue at all.

A laptop is a sleek and slim device that provides all the desktop features while resting in a small body. Manufacturers spend more money on the designing of a laptop as compared with the desktop.

When we talk about functionality, both laptops and desktops function similarly and offer the same components like RAM, graphic card, processor, etc.


One of the most irritating and annoying tensions in a gamer’s life is the system’s overheating.

There are generally two reasons that cause a machine to overheat, its excessive use and running high-power games. It may wreck the system and cause some damage to the laptop.

There is a risk of losing data because they eat systems shut down by themselves because of overheating.

Manufacturers try their best to develop some designs that can resist heat. It is beneficial to keep the components like graphic card, RAM, touchpad, keypad, and processor safe and secure from a meltdown.

Besides designing and engineering gaming laptops, designers are also trying to develop a cooling system installed inside the computer to prevent it from overheating. Gaming laptops run for a long time while keeping in good condition.


Gaming laptops are designed to be as functional and as compact as possible. Let’s compare gaming laptops with gaming desktops.

One of the core differences between these two is in the computer has a dedicated graphics card instead of being integrated within the CPU system. Due to this, more space is required to arrange the components in a limited space.

It is because of so little space to adjust and arrange the system, resulting in more heat.

On the other hand, desktops are manufactured to have enough space inside to hold components better. The components used in laptops are smaller than the components used in a desktop.

Support and Warranty

Gaming laptops come with a warranty and support. One who invests a cost of a kidney to purchase this laptop deserves it.

Make sure then which brand you are investing in to fulfill your gaming craving because there is no doubt about it that gaming laptops are more critical. They may cause technical issues that should be covered to save you from trouble.

Before investing an amount in it, ensure that the company will get you covered in case of any technical issue or whatever reason. Also, please pay attention to whether they offer a decent warranty.

In case of slight damage or problem, the company should fix the issue or replace any component when required.

Long Manufacturing Process

Designing and manufacturing these laptops are two-time-taking processes. But manufacturing process requires more effort and time for designing a gaming laptop. People often get confused about are gaming laptops worth the money.

A gaming laptop is so expensive due to one specific step in the manufacturing process.

The manufacturing process has steps to resort, test, and assembly the product, and so on. These time-taking processes must be satisfied to develop a laptop to guarantee the computer’s safety and ease.

However, manufacturing is, of course, machine-oriented and programmed and taken over by machines.

Still, other processes like quality-check and assembly are the processes that humans do. The consumption of time is more in manufacturing gaming laptops. Every custom product must be checked by the designer and the engineer to arrange all the pieces together.

Every laptop is being looked at separately and usually has different custom design products that require other engineering and different designs. It is the main reason why the cost is high as every laptop requires more manufacturing time.

Powerful Battery

A perfect gaming laptop requires being able to work for a more extended period.

As it is needed to combine a lot of things such as the game quality, the power, and still work without any tension of charging it again, you are actually free to take it out and keep it with you anywhere you go.

Gamers should be able to hold around the battery time of around five to six hours of continuous gaming.

However, having a powerful battery that can last longer and doesn’t wear out than a regular laptop welcomes a heavy price.

Graphics Card

A graphic card is one of a gamer’s significant demands when we talk about the gaming experience.

There are many benefits to having a high-quality graphics card, which offers a rich gaming experience, better video, and enhanced computer performance.

The gamers need image processing, FPS rates, and visual processing for an up-to-the-mark performance that could not be impacted by anything.

Engineers and developers are starting to develop ultra HD cards for gaming. These ultra HD cards offer a high-intensity of visual processing and image processing performance. Gamers need to purchase graphic cards to enjoy games at their best, but it does cost quite a lot.

Why are Gaming Laptops So Expensive? – Conclusion

Gaming laptops are comparatively more expensive than regular laptops because they offer additional benefits combined with regular ones.

The designing and manufacturing of gaming are more critical than standard stuff as it requires a lot more stuff to be fixed in a little space. Due to this reason, gaming laptops are also heavy in weight as compared to regular laptops.

People often get confused that whether it is worth it to spend so much money on a laptop. You should have a better idea that whether you play games just to kill some time or gaming runs in your veins with your blood.

A real hardcore gamer happily and willingly spends a significant amount of money to purchase a gaming laptop due to the features available in a gaming laptop but not regularly.

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