Technology has progressed significantly in the past years. Every year comes with new technology is introduced to the masses, and this has kept making the market more and more competitive every time.

The same thing applies to the gaming industry too. Now and then, brands introduce new games, gaming equipment, or operating systems, more commonly known as OS.

There is a variety of OS out there that, understandably, people often get confused about what would work best for them.

When talking about What Is the Best OS For Gaming, there are a couple of factors that one should keep in mind and look for in an OS when doing market research.

What Is the Best OS For Gaming? Factors to Know

These factors include.


It is incredibly essential that they should ensure that it is user-friendly when one buys an operating system. That is important because you do not want to spend hours and hours learning how to operate it.

An operating system that is easy to understand and operate is what you should look for when deciding which one to buy.

In a few minutes, as you keep reading, you will find out which operating systems are user-friendly, making it easier for you to decide which one to purchase.


Believe it or not, the operating system brand that you are planning to go for matters significantly. A reputable brand is more likely to produce an operating system that will work best for most users.

For example, Microsoft’s Windows is said to be one of the best brands when it comes to operating systems. Why that is the case, you will find out in a while.

Software Updates

When talking about which operating system would be best for gaming, software updates play a crucial part in it because they help resolve bugs.

Operating systems that keep a close eye on errors and provide an update option are what one should buy. Doing this will ensure that your system runs as smoothly as possible. Your gaming experience is as hassle-free as it can be.

What Is the Best OS For Gaming?

Let’s take a look at each one!

1. Windows


Microsoft is the world’s most profitable company and for a good reason. A good percentage of people around the world use their operating systems. They have outdone themselves many times, and the experience keeps getting better and better.

The Microsoft Windows operating system is said to have the best gaming experience for several reasons. These reasons include;

A wide selection of games

Many users have admitted that Windows has an extensive selection of games that other operating systems do not have. Many games are not available on other systems or are available only long after Windows has uploaded them.

Many users prefer Windows operating systems to have access to more games than those accessible on other operating systems.


Many would agree that Windows perform very well as compared to other operating systems. The graphics are outstanding, and other operating systems do not even come close to it.

A hardcore gaming fan should opt for Windows because other operating systems provide a better user interface, but the graphics are only satisfactory.

They are only made for people who like to play a few games now and then to be able to pass their time doing something fun.

Which Windows is the Best for Gaming?

The most recent operating system that Windows has launched is Windows 10. It is also the best Windows for gaming. It has all the updated features that its operating system has, and Microsoft keeps providing free mini-updates.

New updates help resolve any bugs or errors in the system, therefore providing a great user experience while gaming.

If we talk about the best windows 10 version for gaming, it is Windows 10 Home. It provides the best graphics.

Even if the user faces any issues, there are instructions to fix any problems. But, it mostly provides a smooth and entertaining experience to the gamer.

Why Windows Might Not Be the Best Option

Windows often have issues with so many software updates. Many have claimed that the system tends to get slow after a while.

New updates are not compatible with older devices. The user must update a perfectly working device to ensure that the hardware requirements meet to update the software.

2. Linux

Another popular operating system in the gaming world is Linux. There are many users out there who prefer this system for the reasons that are mentioned below.


Free of Cost

One of the biggest reasons many gamers go for this operating system is free of charge. While one has to pay a certain amount to buy Microsoft Windows, this one costs nothing.

Although some would argue that it might be free but does not give the same experience as Windows does, many gamers do not prefer Linux.

On the other hand, gamers that are more concerned with a better user interface often go for Linux because it provides the best one out there, or so they say. Linux can be also used by cybersecurity experts.

Variety of Games

Linux has been working on increasing the number of games that it provides to its users. Any gamer would confirm that an operating system that offers more games is preferable over one with a limited number of games.

Linux is doing a splendid job of making more and more games accessible to its user while maintaining the operating system’s quality. It ensures that there are no bugs or errors.


Linux provides updates that are very carefully designed to ensure that the user does not encounter issues that will require them to update repeatedly.

Instead, one update goes a long time while running smoothly and providing the best gaming experience one could come across.


With time, technology has come far. Suppose you have been around and have known some necessary information regarding computers.

You would know that when new updates are introduced to the world, they work best with the latest technology, i.e., the most recent computers.

Often, old devices are entirely incompatible with new updates, which is often the case with Windows. Old computers do not fulfill the hardware requirements for further updates by Windows.

On the other hand, incompatibility issues are not the case with Linux because it is flexible with new and old computers. Even if you have an old computer and you would like to play video games on it, Linux will have your back!

Why Windows Might Not Be the Best Option?

Linux is not user-friendly, which means that the user has to spend a tremendous amount of time learning and getting the system’s hang.

The variety of games is not the same as Windows, which, as stated above, provides a wide selection of games and that too with spectacular graphics, which, again, Linux does not offer.

3. macOS

Everyone knows apple does not compromise on quality and provides its users with the best out there.

Take the example of the phones that are launched every year. Every launch offers customers an even better experience.

Mac os

User Friendly

Like Windows, macOS is also a user-friendly operating system that ensures that users do not need to spend much time understanding the system.

User-friendly systems make it easy for everyone to operate the system. Even if they only know the basics, macOS is perfect for anyone who is not a technology geek.


Anyone who owns even one Apple device would know that their security is like no other. Do not worry about being hacked into when using Apple.

macOS is the perfect operating system for you if you are worried about security. Because it provides high-level protection, which even Windows has been unable to match.


macOS is the most stable operating system in the market currently. One does not have to worry about the system crashing or having too many bugs and continuously updating.

Apple provides the most stability out of all three of the operating system named in this article.

Why macOS Might Not Be the Best Option?

macOS is only available to Apple devices. If you want to use their system, you will have to buy their device, which is not convenient for everyone as they are relatively more expensive.

Other than that, they do not have a wide variety of games like Windows does. However, anyone who occasionally plays games and is not bothered by the selective number of games on macOS can opt for it.


It mostly depends on the individual and what they expect from their system. They can choose their operating system according to that.

However, Windows is mainly preferred by gamers as, according to them, it provides the best experience despite a few downsides that it has.

It does come at a cost unlined Linux that is free of charge to all its customers. You must consider the price factor if you do not plan to spend money to buy an operating system for gaming.

I hope this guide about What Is the Best OS For Gaming helped you choose the best one.

Have a nice day!

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