Asus is a well-known computer electronics brand and has maintained its reputation for over three decades. No doubt HP and Dell are on top, but experts highly like the Asus products.

Asus laptops are the selling laptops due to their innovative designs and high performance with the low specification.

Asus manufacture motherboards, Laptops, Graphics Cards, and other computer accessories and is well known as one of the world’s best computer electronic brands.

People who have used Asus laptops will not choose any other brand for laptops due to the best experience using Asus brand laptops. You can find a good Asus laptop at every price point, making it even greater.

Many things to consider before calling any computer brand good are quality, durability, performance, and reliability. Many computer users around the globe do not choose laptops except Dell, HP, Lenovo, or Apple.

Asus own a large market share of the computer market which is evidence of its good reputation. You can find any type of Asus laptop from office use to professional use. If you are thinking Is Asus a Good Brand or buying an Asus laptop, you should go on.

Asus manufactures high-quality and durable laptops that can last so long and provide high performance. Asus manufactures a wide range of different laptops for different purposes. Some of the best Laptops of Asus are as follows:

  • Asus ExpertBook B9450.
  • Asus ROG Zephyrus G14
  • Asus ROG Strix Scar III
  • Asus Chromebook Flip C434

Unlike most Computer brands, Asus offers very affordable prices making their product available for everyone.

Many students and professionals who cannot afford high-end brands of laptops like Apple and Vaio prefer buying Asus as you get the same high specification at a much lower price.

Multiple things are seen in the products of a brand to consider them good or bad. The Asus offers not only a lower price but also delivers high performance and durability. An Asus laptop lasts for years without any hardware issues, which is quite impressive.

We have discussed a few most Frequently Asked Questions about Asus.

Is Asus Better than HP?

HP and Asus are among the largest competitors in the computer market as both brands offer high-quality products and efficient customer support.

No brand is perfect for every purpose; therefore, we have compared Asus and HP in different aspects.


If we look at Asus laptops, these laptops are almost 15% more expensive than HP. But if the hardware and body material of Asus and HP are compared then, Asus gets an extra point.

The Asus products are worth their value. In cheap HP products, low-quality hardware is used.


When Asus and HP’s performance is compared, Asus laptops deliver higher performance than HP computers.

This is the point for why Asus is very popular. You can compare the Asus laptop’s performance with any high-end brand laptop.

Customer Support:

For Customer Service, Asus is one of the leading brands and has won nearly 2000 brands for its customer services.

HP also provides quality customer support but is incomparable with Asus. HP uses outsourcing for customer support which does not end well in most cases.


Design is also an important factor by which people choose their products. Most HP laptops have a very basic and simple design; however, Asus is known for manufacturing classy design laptops. Only expensive HP laptops have an attractive design.

Is Asus a Good Brand for Gaming?

When it comes to talking about gaming laptops and gaming desktops, Asus is one of the top products. Asus manufacture a large range of gaming laptops; these laptops have high-spec hardware and design.

Is Asus a good brand

Asus Gaming laptops are a bit expensive but worth their value. The great combination of hardware not only gives it good performance but also makes it great for gaming.

Many graphics professionals use Asus laptops for their work. The high-quality display of Asus laptops makes them great for gaming as well as for color-critical work.

In the Asus gaming laptops, the specs are made according to game requirements, but the hardware is also designed for gaming OS.

You should not worry if you are going to buy an Asus laptop for gaming. Asus gaming laptops come with all the required features and requirements for gaming.

Is Asus a Good Brand for the Motherboard?

Yes, Asus motherboards have all the features that you can expect from quality products. Asus motherboards are high in quality, and most motherboards come with a five-year warranty.

When the prices of Asus motherboards are compared to other brands, a 5-year warranty is enough. If a motherboard lasts for more than a year or two, it can last for long years.

Asus holds a 40 percent market share for manufacturing motherboards. In 3 computers, one computer uses an Asus motherboard. It is due to the durability and performance of these motherboards.

There are many things for which Asus motherboards are great:

Overclocking Features:

Overclocking features of Asus motherboards are highly liked by experts. Overclocking is one of the main causes of motherboard malfunctioning.

The overclocking is prevented from making your system run efficiently.


The compatibility of the Asus smother boards is another great feature of Asus motherboards.

These motherboards are compatible with most 3rd party component manufacturers, making them even great for custom systems.


The Asus motherboards come with a warranty of five years, which is quite impressive. A five-year warranty is great for a motherboard.

The customer service is also very quick, which makes it an even great choice for users. You don’t need to wait for several weeks to claim your warranty.

Should You Buy an Asus Laptop or Not?

Many people think Asus is a Chinese brand due to its low prices.

Asus is a great product in every aspect, such as its quality, durability, customer service and product compatibility, etc. Following are a few reasons why you should get an Asus laptop.

  • Asus laptops are cheaper than most computer brands.
  • Asus laptops deliver high performance even with low spec.
  • High-quality material is used for Asus products manufacturing.
  • Asus offers a long warranty for their products.

There is no reason that you should not get an Asus laptop.

These laptops come with all the required features for efficient computer use, such as good battery timing, Vibrant display, quality keyboards, etc.

How to Choose the Best Asus Laptop?

If you need a laptop and cannot decide whether you should buy an Asus laptop or not? You are in the right place.

There are many reasons; Asus is the choice of many users, such as its high-quality, durable, and up-to-date products. A user must consider the below points before choosing any Asus Laptop:


First of all, a person must know their budget before choosing a laptop.

Asus comes with a laptop for every price point; you can find a basic laptop to a high-end mobile workstation. Once a person decides their budget, it or can shortlist products to choose between.


A user must also know for what purpose it will be using the laptop. If you need a basic office laptop, you can choose any mid-range laptop.

But if you need a laptop for gaming or professional use, you must choose it very keenly. Without knowing the usability of the product, you cannot choose the best product.

You should get a high-end Asus laptop with High specifications if you want versatility from your computer. You are allowed to choose from a range of different specification computers.


There are different-sized laptops available in the market.

Asus laptops typically have screens between 14 and 21 inches in size. If you need a travel laptop, you should buy Asus Chromebook, but you should get a laptop with a bigger screen to carry heavy laptops.

There are many benefits of a big-screen laptop. A bigger screen laptop makes a lot of stuff easier, such as working with a large workspace and effectively multitasking.


The design of laptops is also very important when buying a laptop. A laptop should not be so bulky and should be ergonomic for use.

Check not only the specifications but also other laptop components such as the display, touchpad, keyboard buttons, etc.

Unlike other Brands, the Asus laptops are designed amazingly regardless of their cost. You may have seen the use of low-quality hardware in cheap laptops. This feature of Asus makes it one of the top choices of computer users.

Battery Timing:

Battery timing is another significant factor that must be considered. If you work outdoors without getting plugged in, you should get a laptop with long-lasting battery life.

Asus gaming laptops have less battery time than average due to the use of graphics cards. Some good Asus laptops can last up to 14 hours, which is very impressive.


Even if you have deep knowledge of computers, you must read different Asus laptops’ reviews to choose the best one from them.

It is capable of helping you to save some extra money and get high performing laptop. Do proper research before buying any Asus laptop model.

I hope this guide about Is Asus a Good Brand was helpful to you.

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