The way how you keep your laptop tells a lot about you. When you are out with your notebook in a club, library, or workplace, it is pretty lively to keep your laptop decorated with exciting stuff.

From the color of the display to the skin, sleeves, and stickers on it, your laptop can grab people’s attention when you go out with it. Several cool stickers just enhance the look of your notebook. It is always great to make your stuff as best as possible.

Here today, we will discuss the exciting ideas about How To Decorate A Laptop With Stickers and grab people’s attention. Without further delay, let’s dive into knowing methods to enhance your laptop’s look.

How To Decorate A Laptop With Stickers
How To Decorate A Laptop With Stickers

How To Decorate A Laptop With Stickers? Fantastic Ways

You are fabulous, and you know it. No need to prove it to others; you do not need a certificate to show it to anyone. But there is nothing wrong when the accessories and stuff you carry tell are all.

Wherever you go, you always leave an impression behind. It may be boring, funny, annoying, or exciting. We are here to help you guide better about particularly how you can add more value to your notebook as per your taste.

Here we will talk about different ways to decorate your laptop.

1. Pop Culture Laptop Stickers

Are you a hyperactive user of different social media who love to stay updated with every single thing going on and doesn’t like to miss any trending update?

If yes, we highly suggest you not settle on less than your standards and opt for the pop culture stickers for your laptop.

It is exciting, like anything. We highly recommend decorating your laptop using stickers of different social media pictures or logos. It is of great fun to do it, and you will love the laptop even more.

2. Patterned Tape Stripes

Do you feel attracted to patterned stickers instead of superficial or anime characters, or leaves or flowers? If you do so, but you don’t have any snap on the laptop case, you feel a bit doubted to try painting stripes over the laptop case.

What would you do if the experiment takes a wrong turn and fails badly? We second you in this wise decision here.

Paint experiments can turn out to be gorgeously stunning, but there is an equal chance that it may turn to be a disaster. You do not want to do anything which might ruin the beauty of your notebook.

Instead, you need to make sure that even if the experiment doesn’t work as expected, you have enough room to fix it. You can select between two options and paint the stripes in patterns instead of painting the laptop case itself.

Or you may get the patterned stripes stickers from the market. Here you will have the option to remove it if you do not like it or get bored of it with time.

3. Sparkles and Stripes Painted Case

Suppose your laptop case is too thin and clicking to cover the outer part of the laptop.

But you can’t do anything about it as you find it too plain to fit better as per your taste. Of course, you can purchase a new and more exciting one, but here a piece of precious advice for you.

Customize the one you already have with you instead of buying a new one. Add more style to your existing laptop case with sparkles and stripes stickled on it. You do not need to go for complicated options.

Just add the messy chicly painted stripes and contrast them with some strips to give an excellent appearance.

If you are a girly girl kind of girl and not a tomboy, you will definitely like it once you apply this to your laptop. It will allow the people to know about the cutie who breathes inside your skin.

4. Self-Painted Stickers

Self-painted stickers just never go out of trend (only if you’re good at painting) and show your creativity.

Those who love to paint and find painting as therapy, and what’s better than utilizing your skill on your beloved notebook? Some cool painted stickers will add immense value to your laptop’s case, and you can replace them with time when you get bored with that.

You can use small pieces of your painted stickers and form a border or queue on the laptop casing.

Or you can paint galaxies with a rough paint technique as it looks more artistic and gives a romantic touch. For an artist, there are many options to decide what to paint to beautify the laptop.

Here you have a great chance to put your dream design and colors on paper by yourself as you know how to paint. So it is a win-win kind of thing for you.

5. Dotted Designed Stickers

Dotted lines or circles are love no matter what is the color scheme. It gives a funky and friendly impression to others.

If you opt for soft colors, it will look sober and fun at the same time. You can even go more creative with the dotted design, like making patterns with the dots.

Suppose you do not want to paint or design yourself. In that case, there is a wide variety available in the markets to surprise your creative ideas.

Why bother to think hard when you can move yourself to the market and gift yourself an incredible bundle of stickers? Please don’t waste time and tell your friends that you have a better-looking laptop than theirs.

6. Tumblr Inspired Décor

Suppose you are a hardcore social media user, more specifically Tumblr. In that case, you must go for stickers inspired by Tumblr images.

Even if you are not much of a fan of it, it still looks so cool. Tumblr’s graphical images are so creative and appealing to everyone who has a sense of art.

The best part is, these images are usually attractive enough to inspire both sober and funny kinds of mates. It ultimately depends on the selection of your choice.

7. Cool Decals

A lot of people confuse stickers with decals. They both belong to a sticky paper family, but you may call them siblings, brothers, or maybe sisters. But please do not consider them to be stickers. Decals are more excellent than typical stickers.

What’s the difference between decals and stickers? Well, stickers are illustrated sticky pieces of paper that can be easily applied on any surface. On the other side, decals are prepared on a special kind of paper that gets “transferred” to another surface.

Yes, it sounds close, but you do not apply it anywhere you like; instead, it gets transferred to a porcelain metal or a glass surface. The use of decals to decorate your laptop can be done in various ways. It looks more visually appealing than traditional stickers.

The exciting part is you can use small anime decals on the screen of a laptop. It looks equally gorgeous even on the back of the laptop.

8. Fabric Covers

You can always go for appealing fabric covers to beautify your laptop. There is a lot of variety to choose the options from depending on whether you like it sober or funky. Let’s know the uses of fabric covers to decorate your laptop.

You can either go for a fabricated sticker or a simply crafted or printed fabric cover for your laptop case. Fabric always gives a lively feminine look when you opt for a chic design. Use a crafted design in soft colors to enhance the laptop’s look.

It keeps your laptop secure from dirt and dust and looks cute as well.

9. Rainbow Design

Do you have a black laptop? If yes, then without delay, just think about applying rainbow color painted stickers over your laptop.

A soothing rainbow color will add beauty to your notebook when contrasted with black color. We highly suggest giving this a try, and you will not be disappointed.

In case you’ve no idea about your laptop size then you can read my already-written guide about measuring the laptop screen size.


To enhance your laptop’s beauty and beauty and style, we suggest you decorate your laptop with exciting stickers.

It doesn’t only make it look gorgeous but also leaves an impression you like to leave. In the language of stickers, you can tell strangers what kind of person you are.

It is fun to take the best possible care of all your stuff and accessories in the most fantastic way possible. Your laptop deserves to be noticed as you do.

It doesn’t come expensive or complicated to decorate your laptop. All of what you need is creativity, nice colors, and design choice, and that’s it.

If you are confused about whether your chosen stickers will come out as stunning after application or not, know that you have the option to replace them.

I hope this guide about How To Decorate A Laptop With Stickers was helpful to you.

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