Sony PlayStation 3 is counted as the bestselling PlayStation among all of the available options.

It has advanced functionality and is an addition to the game; it can also play music and movies. There is only one difficulty with using it, for operating it requires an external monitor.

How to Connect PS3 to Laptop

The simple solution is to buy a modern TV for this. But we do not recommend it due to some reasons. The problem with buying a new TV is an option that costs a lot.

There may be a lack of space for installing it, and also, it’s not that easy to move the TV from one place to another quite often.

A television, a laptop, or a desktop may be used as a monitor, but they all contain almost the same components. Here we will discuss every possible option to connect PS3 to the laptop.

Is it easy that How to Connect PS3 to a Laptop when you have a stationary computer? What are the available options to connect? Let’s explore all the answers in detail.

Problems to Connect PS3 with a Laptop

First of all, let’s recall how the output of a video occurs on the monitor screen. The console has an HDMI out.

First, you connect the cable to it, and then you need to plug in the other end of the cable into the input of HDMI on the monitor or TV.

Desktop monitor, in terms of technicality, is not very different from regular television.

It contains features much similar to a desktop monitor as it has all the necessary interfaces named HDMI input. If no information was there, then signals do not get received.

What is the condition of a laptop? There is a built-in monitor; that’s why any external connector of the incoming HDMI is not required.

The inside of the laptop is continuously working and busy with the built-in monitor. But you will say there is an interface connector on the laptop.

That’s right, but almost every laptop has only HDMI output, with no input. It is how laptops are designed to build in an HDMI interface that helps transmit videos, not for receiving.

I also have a written guide about using a laptop as a monitor for ps4.

How to Connect PS3 to a Laptop through HDMI?

If your system has an HDMI port, then you may think that your laptop can be used as a makeshift screen for playing games. Unfortunately, if the laptop you have, accepts HDMI inputs specifically, it is not possible.

HDMI-in is one of the rarest features of laptops, so it’s not likely that you may be able to connect your PS3 to the system for playing games.

Note these below features if you want to know how to play PS3 on a laptop with HDMI.


When you start to play PS3 games on your laptop with HDMI, one of the most critical factors is whether it has an HDMI-in port or not.

Almost every laptop has only one input, a specific function, to output the signal instead of receiving one as input. In sporadic cases, laptops have an HDMI-in port with the label of HDMI-IN.


If your laptop doesn’t have a port for HDMI-in, you need to do the best you should to answer this issue. You may use a capture card, but capture cards are costly, and they have problems, so better to look for a better solution than this one.

You are purchasing a second-hand monitor or TV screen with HDMI costs way cheaper than finding something for the laptop.

Issues with Capture Cards

Displaying games on your system via HDMI using a capture card is possible. There is an issue with this method.

The capture card shows latency when you use the system as a primary display. A long delay makes a game impossible, but the most relaxed as well.

PS3 Play on Laptop Monitor

If you have a system with an HDMI input port, in this case, you can easily play PS3 on your laptop screen.

In that case, what you should do is, join one end of the HDMI cable with the PS3 and the other end on the port of HDMI-in.

Turn on the PS3 and check if the laptop is turned on. If the screen changes to the input of PS3, you can enjoy playing your game.

How to Play PS3 Games on Laptop using Emulator?

Is it possible to run RSPCS3 games on a laptop, and how to play PS3 games on a laptop using Emulator?

The answer is quite simple: you can simplify things by using legitimate PS3 emulator software without any issues. Before we talk about installation details, let’s know what PS3 emulator software is precise.

Have a look below.

PS3 Emulator

RPCS3 is a tool that is generally known as PS3 Emulator. It is a software specially designed for playing PlayStation 3 games on the laptop.

The software is entirely compatible with Linux and Windows OS.

The best feature about this software is that it comes in an exciting part that allows you to configure the network, Emulator, I/O, GPU, CPU, gamepads, etc.

Apart from these, the software has many other features like resolution scale, frame limit, aspect ratio, photoshop graphics design, and other additional filters as well, that you will explore once it becomes handy to you.

Overview of Features

  • They are free to use and do not charge a penny.
  • They offer a control game with both a keyboard and mouse.
  • Games are more comfortable to play in the PS3 Emulator.
  • They are compatible with both Linux OX and Windows.

These are the features of the RCPS3 Emulator, now looking at how to install the PS3 emulator step by step.

Download and Install PlayStation Emulator

  • Step 1. First of all, download the RSPS3 Emulator
  • Step 2. Let the downloading complete; the speed depends on the speed of your internet.
  • Step 3. Now open the step file and let it install.

Download and Run PS3 Games

  • Step 1. First of all, download any game using any torrent. If you already have an SOS file, then that’s great.
  • Step 2. Now you need to run the Emulator.
  • Step 3. Open the Emulator, go on “Open,” then “Load,” and at last click on the ISO file and click OK. It will get the file to load.
  • Step 4. That will study the ISO file while you can start playing the games.

Here, you’re done. It is that simple.


We have discussed how we can connect PlayStation 3 to any laptop. There is a list of difficulties that new users face while installing and playing the game, but we have tried to cover every possible problem.

For playing a game using HDMI, you should connect the cable to the HDMI-in port.

If your laptop doesn’t have a port in it, we suggest you opt for a desktop monitor or TV screen. For RPCS3 Emulator, you need to install it by going through a step-by-step installation process. Once done, enjoy the game.

I hope you enjoy reading How to Connect PS3 to a Laptop.

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