PS4, if put succinctly, is a companion for gamers. Whether you are keen on Real-Time Strategy games (RTS), Action-Adventure games, or have an acute interest in Role Playing games; PS4 has got it all covered.

All you need is a PS4 console (obviously) and a screen to get started.

Talking about the screen, most people have TVs to which they connect their PS4 and, consequently, display the game’s contents.

However, this may not always be available. Life can put you through situations where you yearn for your turn on the TV and aren’t granted that – going a bit overboard and being melodramatic here.

Just imagine yourself in a condition where you are all set to play your favorite game to unwind after a long and hectic day at work; you turn on the console, and connect it to your TV, only to find out that the TV isn’t working.

Oh, the agony! That’s just one out of the many possible scenarios that could occur. Only in such circumstances do we turn to our laptops for help.

The reason for such rare usage of how to use a laptop as a monitor for PS4 is the fact that accomplishing it isn’t an easy task. You have to go through some struggles to get it working finally. But hey, it isn’t impossible!

Below are some remedies to counter this problem. To clarify, these methods work for every laptop.

Whether it is your forever loved Asus, and you are looking for how to use your Asus laptop as a monitor for PS4 or any other brand with similar characteristics. You will surely find this guide helpful.

How to Use a Laptop as a Monitor for PS4 with HDMI

When thinking of ways to convert your laptop to function as a monitor for PS4, the most common fix we come across is to use the HDMI cable. As simple as it may seem, it is rather a complicated task.

The reason for the complication is that both the PS4 console and the laptop have an output port for HDMI. This means there is no way to get a video input in order to display the content on your computer. That’s quite a dilemma.

However, there is a solution to that.

Laptop as a Monitor for PS4 using Remote Play

Remote Play is the service provided by Sony itself. The primary purpose of this application is to allow users to play PS4 on laptops.

That’s precisely what we want! All it does is that it simply connects your PS4 console to the laptop remotely so that the game’s contents are visible on it while the console is in Rest Mode.

Let’s get started on how to play PS4 on a laptop using Remote Play without further ado.

1. Download Remote Play

Go to the official website of Sony Remote Play and download the application on your laptop.

Be sure to install the version that’s compatible with your laptop. Once the download is complete, run the Installer to complete the installation process.

2. Enable the Remote Play option on PS4

Once you have downloaded the application on your laptop, head over to your PS4 console and ensure that the Remote Play option is enabled. To do so:

  • Turn on your console and go to Settings.
  • Go to Remote Play Connection settings.
  • Enable the option for Remote Play

3. Tweak the settings of Remote Play

This is a customization step whereby you can alter the settings like the resolution of the game. It is highly dependent on personal preference and not a necessary step to perform.

Note: Before operating the Remote Play app, you will have to make sure that you activate the Rest Mode on your PS4.

Although, usually, this is a default setting, however, being sure of it is no harm. Head over to Settings and select Power Save settings.

Then go to Set Features Available in Rest Mode and ensure that the Enable Turning On PS4 From Network option is ticked.

4. Connect your cable to your controller

Next up, use a USB cable or a Dualshock 4 USB adaptor and connect your controller to your laptop.

5. The final step

Once you are done with this, you will see a Start option on your laptop, and as you log in to your Playstation Network, the Remote Play app will start searching for the PS that’s in the Network and will instantly take you to the Homescreen.

Laptop as a Monitor for PS4 using the OBS Recording Software

Another way to make effective use of the Remote Play app is through the additional download of the OBS (open broadcast software).

This is a free software that allows you to stream and record videos and audios from various sources.

  • Install PS4 Remote Play and connect it to your PS4.
  • Download and open OBS and then go to Add a Menu.
  • Select Window capture from the options that appear and select Ok.

As easy and seemingly attractive as this option may seem, a fact to reckon here is that Remote Play comes with many prerequisites.

For example, you need to have a high internet speed (which practically can be a big problem).

Furthermore, many users have complained about the controller’s relatively sluggish response time when operating via Remote Play.

Considering this and many other factors, there has been a rising demand of users for ways to use their laptop as a monitor for PS4 without Remote Play. Fret not! We have a solution to that.

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How to Use a Laptop as a Monitor for PS4 without Remote Play

Perhaps the simplest and most effective solution to this problem is to use a Capture Card.

In order to use your laptop as a monitor for PS4 using Video Capture Card, there are some things which you must have:

  • A Video Capture Card (VCC)
  • An HDMI cable.
  • A USB C to USB A cable that is USB 3.0 compliant.

1. Install the software for the VCC

Connect the Video Capture Card to the laptop using the USB port and install the software in your laptop that came with the VCC or that is compatible with it.

2. Connect the PS4 to the Capture Card using an HDMI cable

In the next step, connect the PS4 console to the Video Capture Card. This will be done using an HDMI cable. Attach the Input port of the cable to the VCC and the output port to the console.

3. Connect the laptop to the Capture Card using a USB cable

Once the console is connected to the VCC, it is now the laptop’s turn to get connected to it.

For this purpose, most VCCs have a USB C port. So, you can plug the USB C port into the Capture Card and the USB A port to the laptop. This will allow the VCC to transmit any video signals it received from the PS4 console that was connected in Step 2.

One thing that must specifically be paid attention to is that you should connect the cable to the USB 3.0 port of your laptop.

4. Run the Software

Now, open the Capture Card application that you installed on your laptop while simultaneously powering up your PS4. This will enable the software to display the nearby PS4 on your laptop’s screen.

Although this method is relatively expensive compared to using Sony’s Remote Play application, as far as quality is concerned, it is unbeatable!

Final Wrap Up

Now that you know how to use a laptop as a monitor for PS4, you surely don’t need to wait for your turn on the TV.

Nothing can now prevent you from enjoying your favorite game. Whether it is Remote Play that you opt for or the Video Capture Card option, they both are equally useful and beneficial for users.

Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, and that is just something normal – no one and nothing is perfect!

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