Davinci Resolve is one solution that helps in color correction and non-linear video editing. It is compatible to run using various operating systems, including macOS, Windows, Linux, etc.

Suppose you are looking for editing software; Davinci Resolve is the solution to all your editing-related queries. It has diverse options to ensure that the user gets the best editing experience and can develop the most superior quality final video.

The software was initially launched in 2004. However, many updates have since been launched, just like any system software that requires a new version with alterations and bugs fixed. DaVinci Resolve is available in 7 languages, including English, Japanese, Chinese, French, and Portuguese.

If one wants to get the software installed in their computer system, it must be compatible with their computer. Which laptop you get the software installed in is essential because not all laptops will run with it.

You may have heard that specific software only works on laptops and computers they are developed for, and if one installs them into any pc other than the recommended one, it will work, but the performance will not be the same.

If one wants to use this software, it is best to go for a laptop that is compatible with it so you can make the most out of it. Here are some best laptops for daVinci resolve you should check out that would work best with the DaVinci Resolve software.

List of Best Laptops for DaVinci Resolve [Personally Tested]

#1. Razer Blade 15 Base

The Razer Blade 15 Base is a gaming laptop that many gamers have recommended since its release. It is a 10th gen laptop meaning one of the most recent laptops with updated operating systems and processors.

It is available in black and is run on Windows 10, which is the latest version of the Windows operating system. It has a core i7 processor that ensures that the system works fast even with software that takes more space and needs a solid system to work.

The laptop is not too bulky or oversized, making it portable, so if one wants to use it on the move, it is possible. The screen size is 15.6, making it perfect for people who prefer bigger laptop screens to smaller screens.

Razer Blade 15 Base comes with 16 GB of RAM, a storage space much larger than the one an average laptop has, usually used for essential work.

Meanwhile, it comes with an SSD of 256 GB and 512 GB, giving you the option to choose according to your use or preference.

Quick Features

Keyboard: You can customize the color of the backlight keyboard using Razer Chroma according to your liking. The backlight keyboard is a feature not many providers, so if one decides to go for this laptop, they have an added advantage.

Ready To Connect: Razer Blade 15 Base is ready to connect as it comes with loaded Wi-Fi 6, Gigabit Ethernet, Thunderbolt 3, USB type-A and type-C ports, and HDMI. It gives users that desktop experience, which many prefer as it enhances the gaming experience.

Gaming Expert: The laptop is specifically designed for gamers to give them the best experience while gaming. It holds the memory and the processor of being able to handle the enormous sized games and software.

  • Has up to 4K resolution

  • Latest Windows version
  • It comes with a warranty
  • Plays games on maximum setting
  • The screen bleeds slightly
  • Expensive
  • Speaker is not sufficiently loud

#2. ASUS VivoBook – Best Laptop for DaVinci Resolve

The Asus VivoBook is also a gaming laptop that many avid gamers use and recommend to anyone who wants to buy a gaming PC.

It is sleek and stylish looking and has the latest Windows version, which Windows 10. Microsoft’s Windows is one of the most commonly used operating systems that provide various versions for many computers.

Asus has been around f in the market for some time now, and like every other brand, it has some laptop options that people highly recommend because of its fantastic performance.

The named laptop comes in three RAM storage, so any person interested in purchasing it has RAM space options.

Asus Vivobook has an intel core i5 processor, with 8 GB RAM space and 256 GB SSD space. It costs less than the one with more space.

The other one has an intel core i7 processor making it faster and has 16 GB RAM storage, 256 GB SSD storage, and 1 TB of HDD. There is also a third option, the same as the second one; however, it has 2 TB of HDD.

Quick Features

Sleek And Portable: Asus Vivobook has a 15.6-inch screen and 0.8” ultra-thin chassis making it easy to carry whenever one is traveling. The laptop has a stylish look and does not look like one of those bulky and giant ones that are difficult to carry around.

Powerful Processor: As the Vivobook has the Intel i7 processor, it works faster and more efficiently than other laptops. The Intel i7 is powerful and can adjust with software that requires an equally powerful processor to run.

Fast Charging Battery: Asus Vivobook has a lithium polymer battery that is durable and charges quickly, making it hassle-free for you because if you want to carry your laptop, all you have to do is charge it for a while, and you will be good to go.

  • It has both SSD and HDD

  • It is lightweight
  • It has a 1080p FHD display
  • Sufficient storage space
  • It does not provide the best graphics to gamers
  • Screen depreciates fast over-time

#3. MSI Creator 15

The MSI Creator 15 has been highly appreciated by technology experts for many reasons, including one of the fastest processors, sleek and stylish, mind-blowing visuals, and much more.

This laptop is most content creators’ dream computer for various reasons, some of which were mentioned above.

It has the Intel i7 processor, one of the fastest out there, as mentioned previously. It is a 10th-generation device, meaning it has the best speed compared to older generations. It has 32 GB RAM and 1 TB SSD, more Ram storage than most powerful laptops have.

Quick Features

Stunning Visuals: The 4K UHD True Pixel Display provides pictures that look almost real, making it perfect for gaming as many gamers prefer screens that give them a realistic experience.

Built-in Protection: It has a built-in security system that lets you access your files through biometric authentication such as facial recognition or fingerprint access rather than having to type a password

Portable Size: In the current times, everyone is looking for a device that they can carry with them while traveling, and this laptop will help you with just that. With a 15.6 inch screen and weighing 4.63 pounds, one can quickly put it in a computer bag and carry it around with them.

Versatile Connections: The laptop is built to be connected in various ways and to various devices, making it simple and more fun to game on it or create visual content.

  • Best device for content creators

  • Great value for money.
  • Best for content creating, video editing and downloading.
  • Powerful and travel-friendly device

  • Works fast and efficiently due to the i7 processor
  • Has bugs when basic tasks are being carried out such as video calls, etcetera
  • Towards the expensive side
  • Screen bleeds beyond use

#4. New Apple MacBook Pro

Apple has almost always provided the world with the best products, and why would they not consider the price they charge?

MacBooks are easily the most popular laptops worldwide, and whether you use a laptop for basic work tasks such as using a Google document or attending Zoom calls to gaming and content creation has been done on MacBooks.

The new Apple MacBook Pro is no lesser when compared to the older versions of MacBooks.

Apple has an operating system known as macOS, on which all its devices work. The said system is suitable for primary and professional use. This one has 16 GB RAM and 512 GB and 1 TB of SSD storage available.

The New Apple MacBook Pro comes in two colors; silver and space grey. It is a 9th generation device with the i7 processor making it part of the fastest processors list.

It has a 16-inch screen and weighs about 4.3 pounds making it easy to carry around.

Quick Features

Storage Space: The New MacBook Pro has 8TB available space depending on your requirement. It can carry a whole library of thousands of photos and videos and still have space left for other files.

Long-Lasting Battery: Many people complain that laptops do not remain charged for long, and they have to plug it in to make it work constantly. The New MacBook has an 11-hour battery life, so the next time you want to work on a long flight without looking for a charging point, you should charge it sufficiently from home and avoid the hassle.

Magic Keyboard: If you are someone who is required to type a lot for work or school-related assignments, you most likely hate the loud sound of typing in a library or quiet office space. The New MacBook Pro resolves this issue for you as it provides silent and comfortable typing

  • Great sound and mic

  • The 16-inch screen provides great graphics
  • Fast processor
  • The touch bar is better than other laptop mouses
  • Towards the expensive side
  • Not many changes from the older version

#5. LG Gram – Best Laptop for DaVinci Resolve 17

LG is one of the oldest brands that has been manufacturing computers, laptops, air conditioners, and whatnot for the longest time.

Its products have mainly been reliable and worth the money. The LG Gram laptop works on the Windows 10 Home operating system, one of the most reliable market systems.

It is lightweight at 2.98 pounds making it extremely easy to carry while traveling. It has a 17-inch screen which is best for people who prefer large screens for various reasons such as a better gaming experience, video editing, or basic work.

LG Gram is a 10th-generation laptop with a Core i7 processor, meaning it works fast and efficiently.

It is best for anyone who used their laptop for hardcore work, such as downloading games and other software that not only takes up too much space but needs a powerful system.

It has 16 GB RAM and 1 TB hard disk space making it perfect if one looks at it from the storage perspective.

Quick Features

Fingerprint Security: Like modern smartphones, laptops are also equipped with fingerprint readers to make logging more accessible, faster, and more secure. The fingerprint access makes it difficult for anyone other than you to get inside your computer system, meaning all your data is much more protected.

Night-Friendly Keyboard: If you work during the night in the dark or work while you are on the move and it is nigh-time, you would know how difficult it is to see your keyboard and anyone who does not know their way around a keyboard as good as some people, they find it difficult to type in the dark.

The night-friendly keyboard resolves all those issues. It helps you see the keys on your laptop even when the surrounding is dark, and you have no source of light to point towards your keyboard.

LG Gram 2 Lithium-ion batteries that work well and can be used for a good couple of hours when one can charge it sufficiently.

  • Perfect for heavy-duty work

  • Sleek and stylish
  • Portable
  • Speakers are not very strong
  • The device has a short life

#6. Alienware Gaming Laptop

Alienware’s gaming laptop comes with 16 GB RAM and a 512 GB hard disk size. It has a 15-inch LCD ideal for anyone who loves to play video games on a big screen.

The processor is an i7 core intel processor and has a Cyro tech V 2.0 cooling system inside to prevent the laptop from heating and allow extended hours of use. It is one of the gaming laptops with the highest ratings on Amazon.

Quick Features

Unique technology: This laptop comes with a special technology that reduces the harmful blue light emissions coming out of the laptops. These blue light emissions are dangerous for the vision, and continued exposure can harm a long time. Thus, this laptop helps reduce damage to your eyes.

7ms response time: A short response time is essential in a gaming device for a good experience. You can’t enjoy games on a laptop that does not have a quick response time as you are constantly taking action. For this reason, it is an ideal laptop for playing games designed with many other features that can make your gaming experience fully enjoyable.

Lightweight: This gaming laptop is very portable so can be carried around. It does not take up a lot of storage and is light enough to carry it to your bed and play games while being completely comfortable and cozy. It is made up of magnesium alloy, copper, and steel, giving it a fine finishing and lightweight quality.

  • It does not get hot

  • Portable
  • It comes with a lithium-ion battery
  • Anti-ghosting technology
  • Better options available in the market
  • The battery gets hot sometimes

#7. Dell G3

Dell has a wide variety of laptops available to purchase in the market. The wide variety is an advantage, on the one hand, and also a curse on the other hand.

It is advantageous because one gets to choose from a wide variety and not have to stick to the market’s few options.

It is a curse because the unlimited variety often leads to confusion about which option to choose according to needs and requirements.

Dell G3 has an i7 Core processor that lets you game on it and edits videos and photos if you are a content creator. It is powerful enough to handle heavy software and still be able to run smoothly.

The laptop has 8GB and 16 GB of RAM, depending on which one you go for and which suits your requirements. It also has 512 GB of hard disk storage which means that it is enough capacity for most its uses.

Quick Features

Dual Cooling System: Dell G3 has a dual cooling system to ensure that your laptop remains cool, mainly when the processor works hard to work. Whether some heavy video editing or powerful software is being downloaded, it will run efficiently.

Latest Windows: Dell G3 works on the latest Windows Home, which is the perfect operating system for a gaming laptop, making this an option to purchase for a gamer. One can view the screen in 4K.

Fantastic Graphics: Any gamer would know how important graphics are while gaming, and a good resolution and detailed graphics can make all the difference. Dell G3 provides you with the screen quality that you generally look for in laptops to ensure that you spend money in the right place.

  • It has a large screen

  • It has a fast processor
  • Uses Windows Home as an operating system
  • It is bulky therefore not portable
  • It does not have a long life

Buying Guide for Best Laptop For DaVinci Resolve

Amazon has a wide variety of laptops with all kinds of prices and quality. A laptop is always bought according to needs, ease, and preference.

If you are a gamer, you look for laptops that will download gaming software with ease and still work efficiently while running that heavy software.

On the other hand, if you create videos, i.e., you are a content creator, you want a laptop that can run editing software and still does not slow down.

Editing software does slow down devices because all processors cannot work with heavy software, so they either become slow or entirely shut down.

When one decides that they need a new laptop, they should be mindful of certain things.


DaVinci Resolve is software used by gamers for editing and adding small but stunning details to videos.

To download this software, one must know the minimum requirement that this software demands, without which the laptop will work slowly.

All the above laptops had a minimum of 8 GB RAM, which is essential to run the said software.

Moreover, some laptops had SSD while some had HDD and a few had both, and there was a minimum of 256 GB storage, which means that to ensure this software works efficiently, there should be storage of at least 256 GB of SSD or HDD.

Other specifications such as battery life, processor, generation, etcetera also play an essential role. That is why one should buy a laptop with similar specifications to those given above.


Processors are the heart of computers because they are what primarily keep the device running. The better the processor, the better it will perform depending on what you are doing on the device.

For example, if you are doing essential work such as attending zoom meetings or using Google Docs or Microsoft Office, it does not require a very powerful processor.


Anyone who uses DaVinci Resolve would say that they must have a laptop with the best graphics out there to run this software.

The reason for this is that the software helps with color correction and whatnot, which cannot be accurately done if graphics are not of the most superior quality. Going for a laptop that provides striking graphics is an essential requirement to use this software.


There is nothing better than the reviews available on Amazon because they genuinely give an insight into how the product may or may not turn out.

They can make you decide to purchase a laptop because most reviews are good or make you second-guess your decision regarding buying a particular laptop, which will be a good decision.


Price is the most critical factor because you must ask yourself whether you have the money to buy your dream laptop at the end of the day.

Just because a specific product is more expensive does not mean that it will always be better and be worth your money. One must do their research well before making a final decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s take a look at some related FAQs.

Can you upgrade RAM on your laptop?

If one wants to add more RAM to their laptop, one must look at a few things first because without doing so, one could be harming your device.

There are two limits to maximum RAM: the motherboard, and the other is the operating system. Whichever is the lower limit is how much RAM a PC can have.

Is it necessary to have an Intel Core i7 processor?

Intel is one of the best and oldest companies out there that has been manufacturing processors for the longest time.

Those processors have been installed in millions of computers and for good reason the company makes the best ones.

As far as the i7 processor is concerned, if one wants to run DaVinci Resolve on their PC smoothly, it is best to get a laptop with that processor.

What is the preferable screen size?

The most common and preferred screen size is 15.6 inches; however, there are other sizes available too.

Most people who use gaming laptops choose bigger screens, even above 15.6, to get a better experience; however, if you want to go for a smaller one, there is no problem.

How long should the battery last?

Most gaming and DaVinci Resolve-friendly laptop batteries are built to ensure that they do not require frequent charging but can run for a good couple of hours.

There are some that work for 5 to 6 hours and some even more, so if all the specifications that you see in a laptop meet your requirements, if the battery life is sufficient, in your opinion, then it is worth the purchase.

Which is better; SSD or HDD?

SSD is more expensive than HDD because it can load games and software much faster than HDD.

If a laptop with SSD storage is within your budget because they tend to be more pricey than those with HDD, you should buy it because it will save you the loading time.

However, if you like a laptop, it is in your price range but has HDD storage; it should not be a factor that should hold you back from buying it as long as you are okay with loading the games slower than on SSD storage.

Are gaming laptops always heavy?

No, this is not always true. It depends on the model, brand, and purpose for which the laptop was built.

In current times, brands have noticed that people prefer laptops that are not too bulky and can easily be carried, so they have started to build laptops that are travel-friendly.

To this day, some brands also manufacture heavy laptops because those laptops’ purpose is to be kept in one place and not moved.

The reason for this is that some people are looking for when they want to purchase a gaming laptop.


There is no right or wrong when looking to purchase the best laptops for DaVinci resolve because everyone’s technological needs are different.

Some want to use laptops for gaming, some for creating content, and some for doing their daily tasks. The best thing to do is do your research and ask what would be best not to waste your money.

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