Have you ever encountered a circumstance when your laptop altogether ceased and could not complete your essential assignment?

If yes, then we are the same. I have been through it, so I know exactly how that feels. As a BBA student, specific tasks require more power from the laptop, but if your laptop is not powerful enough, you can expect it to stop working.

As a student, it can be pretty challenging to choose a laptop that matches your needs and has a reasonable price.

In BBA, we don’t require High-end laptops as required in gaming, but still, it needs to be powerful to support all the applications. There are thousands of products in the market, and narrowing down a single laptop from all these products can be highly burdensome.

Now let’s talk about a few laptop companies in general. The giants in such as Apple, Dell, and HP have been manufacturing some exceptional products in the last decade.

You can go for their latest models if you want maximum performance and productivity. I usually recommend the Apple MacBook Pro because I use it too, and it has been performing exceptionally well.

When I didn’t know what to do and which laptop to opt for, I had to go through tons of laptops. I have researched thousands of laptops and then came down to one. As I knew what issues I had to go through, I don’t want you guys to feel the same.

For that, I have compiled a list of the 7 best laptops for BBA students that you can buy for brilliant performance and results.

List of Best Laptops for BBA Students

#1. Acer Spin 5 – Best Laptop for Business Students

The Acer 15 has been manufactured by Intel and Acer collectively. It contains a 10th Gen intel processor that allows maximum performance.

It has 360° hinges that make it comfortable for you to set the screen according to your requirement. You can easily read, write or do anything you want. The company has added significantly fewer bezels so that you can have more screen space for more work.

It also has a stylus that you can use to make anything creative. You can use it to sketch or anything you want. You can quickly charge the stylus to work for 90 minutes in only 20 seconds.

The most remarkable feature is the speakers that have outstanding audio quality. The Acer Spin 5 has a 15-hour-long battery life that is more than enough for any student. You can easily use it for four hours after a 30 minutes charge.

Quick Features

3:2 HD IPS Display: The Acer Spin 5 has a 3:2 HD Display that provides an invaluable chance for students to take notes and the classes. You can easily make assignments from the essential points you have made before. Did you know, How To Charge A Laptop Without Charger (Tested Ways)

2-in-1 Laptop: This Laptop is 2 in 1 as you can also use it as a tablet. The screen comes out so that you can easily use it as a tablet. It has a touch screen display that you can also use while it is in the laptop form.

Powerful Stylus: The Acer spin has a stylus that you can use to perform many different functions. A critical benefit of this stylus is that you can use it for 90 minutes with only 15 to 20 seconds of charging.

  • Amazing Battery Life

  • Powerful 10th Gen GPU
  • Highly Portable
  • Convertible to Tablet
  • Annoying Popup Ads

#2. ASUS Zenbook 15 – Best Laptop for Business Majors

The ASUS Zenbook has shown its worth every time, due to which we have added it to the list of most compatible laptops for students.

It has a 92% screen-to-body ratio. The company has used an Nvidia GPU to provide exceptional performance to the user. It is ultra-thin and only weighs 3.6 lbs.

The laptop has been made so that it has a comfortable typing angle of 145 degrees. The speakers used inside are High-Quality, and you can listen to music while working as I have seen it increases the productivity for many people.

It contains multiple ports for excellent connectivity. It has passed many different tests, such as the drop and temperature test, so you can rest assured that the laptop is highly reliable.

Quick Features

Full HD 1080p Display: The ASUS Zenbook has a Full HD display. The 1080p screen resolution allows you to see a clear and bright picture. The colors and pictures allow you to concentrate on the critical information. Did you know, How To Measure Laptop Size (Expert Guide)

Compact Design: As you are a BBA student, you may need to carry the laptop to university with you. For that, the laptop needs to be compact, and the ASUS Zenbook fulfills this requirement.

Multiple Ports: It contains multiple ports, including the USB2.0, USB C-Type, and many others, to provide maximum connectivity.

  • Great Battery Life

  • Amazing Sound Quality
  • Compact and Portable
  • 1080p Resolution
  • Only 2GB of VRAM

#3. HP Envy x360 –

There are many reasons HP Envy has been added to the list of laptops best for BBA students.

It has a compact design and is a 2-in-1 laptop. When you get tired of using the laptop, you can take out the screen and use it as a tablet. The solid build of the laptop allows students to take it anywhere they want without damaging the frame.

It has an AMD RYZEN GPU with 8GB of RAM so you can expect some exceptional performance from this laptop.

It has a reasonably small size, but the 13″ screen size is still significant for a student. The IPS display used inside the laptop provides brilliant and bright colors with clear and sharp pictures.

Quick Features

2-in-1 Convertible Laptop: The HP Envy is another convertible laptop on our list. You can also conveniently use it as a tablet if you are tired of using the keyboard. You can use the touchscreen for a while.

Compact and Lightweight: As you already know, being lightweight can be advantageous, so this laptop also has it. It is compact, so you can also carry it inside your backpack without any extra burden.

9 Hours Video Time: The battery life of HP Envy is remarkable. It has a 9 hours video time that means while working, it can give much more than that. In this regard, this laptop competes with the Apple MacBook.

  • Exceptional Performance

  • Slim and Sleek Design
  • Impressive Battery Life
  • 13″ Touch Screen
  • No Thunderbolt 3 Available

#4. MacBook Pro – Best Apple Laptop for Business

Let me introduce the fantastic Apple MacBook Pro. It has 8GB RAM with 512GB built-in SSD.

You can expect some extraordinary graphics from this device due to the Intel Iris Plus Graphics 655. One more impressive thing about this device is the 10 hours of battery life.

It has a Quad-Core processor with a speed of 2.4 GHz. This device also has a Touch ID to keep your files and important information safe.

It has a 13.3″ ultra HD smooth display and weighs only 3.02 pounds at most. The company has also added a turbo boost to the processor that can take it up to 4.1 GHz.

Quick Features

15″ Backlit Screen:
The Apple Macbook has a 15-inch backlit screen with an HD resolution display. It allows for more screen space and maximum usage.

Built-in 512GB RAM: The impressive thing is that it has a 512Gb built-in SSD. It means that your laptop will show exceptional performance. Be ready to enjoy the seamless experience with Apple devices.

Long-Lasting Battery: The Laptop has the most extended battery life on our list. It can go on for more than 10 hours continuously with a standby time of over 20 hours. You can never find a better battery than this one. Check out, Best Laptop For Chartered Accountants

  • Turbo Boost Processor

  • High Resolution and Graphics
  • Touch Display
  • 512GB SSD
  • Not compatible with some software

#5. Lenovo Flex 14

The Lenovo Flex 14 has a Rayzen 5 processor that will show extreme performance. Lenovo Flex 14 comes with a 14-inch IPS display with a Backlit touchscreen.

You can rotate the screen to 360 degrees to use it as a tablet. It also contains a 512GB SSD that is best for students and other professional workers.

It has a VEGA 8 graphic card, so you can see what a beast this laptop is. The company has added a quick charge feature in this laptop that will charge the laptop to 80% in just an hour.

This technology will come in handy if you have to take your laptop to work, and then it is entirely dead. It also has an in-built webcam so that you can attend classes or any critical discussion.

You can also check out physics students’ laptops.

Quick Features

Quick Charge Technology: The Lenovo Flex 14 has a quick charge technology that will charge the laptop to 80% in an hour to use it if you are in a hurry. The battery will last for almost 8 hours.

VEGA 8 Graphic Card: The Lenovo Flex 14 has a VEGA 8 Graphics card that will allow the applications’ smooth and efficient working.

Crystal Clear Display: The display used in this laptop is quite impressive. It has a crystal clear display that will allow you to focus on every little detail on your screen.

  • Smooth and Clear Display

  • Good Connectivity
  • Fast RAM and Processor
  • Built-in Fingerprint Lock
  • Battery life could have been improved

#6. HP 15

HP 15 is the latest model released by the company. It has an 11th Gen processor with 8GB RAM and a 256 GB SSD, and a Full HD IPS micro-edge display.

The built-in HD camera is best for meetings and other purposes. This camera will come in handy, especially during this time of Covid-19.

The screen size is set to 15.6 inches that you might see in many other laptops. If you see at the laptop’s side, you’ll see many different ports, including USB 3.0, USB 2.0, USB C-Type, HDMI, and many others.

It is highly reliable and will provide outstanding performance to the students. We, students, use it for a long time so that you won’t see any heating issues in it either.

Quick Features

15.6-inch Display: The 15.6-inch display gives you more space to perform multiple tasks simultaneously. The large screen will help you in better productivity as well.

The HP 15 has a built-in 8GB RAM so that you can take it out of the pack and start having the maximum performance from it. You can expect it to work exceptionally due to the large RAM.

Great Internal Cooling: The HP 15 has excellent Internal cooling. The laptop was still cool after hours of usage, which means you won’t have to face any heating issues.

  • Comfortable Keyboard

  • Impressive Performance
  • High-Quality Webcam
  • Good Screen Resolution
  • No Type-C port

#7. Microsoft Surface Pro 6

Microsoft is known for its brilliant operating system now, but they have managed to manufacture an exceptional device such as the Surface Pro 6.

It has been added to the list due to its fantastic features. It is highly portable due to its small size and weight. Who might have thought that this laptop can have 10 hours of battery life, but to my surprise, it seriously has?

Microsoft has been trying to manufacture a brilliant product, and they have certainly succeeded.

You can also make the laptop a tablet by detaching the screen. It has a 12.3-inch HD display for the best results and picture quality. You can seriously buy this excellent device due to its sturdy build as well as its performance.

Quick Features

Compact and Lightweight: The Surface Pro 6 is highly portable due to its lightweight and compact size. You can take this laptop anywhere, and the sturdy build will make sure nothing happens to it.

Remarkable Battery Life: The Microsoft Surface Pro 6 has a remarkable Battery life with a standby of over 10 hours. You can expect excellent performance from the battery’s perspective.

Detachable Tablet: You can easily detach the screen and make it a tablet for a more personalized view. You can make use of the touch screen to perform essential tasks.

  • Lightweight and Highly Portable
  • Detachable Tablet

  • Exceptional Battery Life
  • Highly Responsive Display and Pen
  • A bit expensive

Buying Guide for the Best laptop for BBA Student:

All the laptops that are listed in the article are highly recommended for BBA students. There are many things that you should keep in mind before buying a laptop.

Looking at the price and seeing that it is the latest model doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be the best according to your needs. Many things need to be considered before going to the market and buying the best one for yourself.

To help you choose a laptop other than the ones mentioned above, you can read this buying guide to understand the basic requirements and things needed to be done before jumping to a conclusion.

Let’s discuss those essential details that you have to buy a laptop that will work best for your assignments and projects.


The Specifications are an essential thing that you need to see while buying a laptop. It ultimately depends on the applications you are going to be running on your laptop.

If you are using a heavy application that may need extra power, then opting for a higher RAM can benefit you.

The Minimum specifications your laptop should necessarily have are:

  • 4GB RAM
  • 512GB SSD
  • 1080p Resolution Display
  • Core i5 Processor

You can also opt for 8GB RAM if you think your work will be more efficient with it. The capacity of SSD depends upon the files you are going to store in your computer, and the HD display is required so you can see what you are doing on the screen and have a sharp picture.

Battery Life

The Battery life of your laptop should be a minimum of 5 hours so that your work is not interrupted in between.

As a student, you might expect to see power outlets in your house or your university as well. But try to keep your laptop fully charged while going for an important presentation so that you don’t face this issue.

There are many laptops with a battery life of more than 6 to 8 hours, which’s enough.

Even if you are carrying your laptop to your university without a charger, make sure to note the battery life and standup so you don’t feel stranded if it gets turned off during an important presentation or assignment.


Performance is one of the essential things when buying a laptop. If your laptop cannot perform at its fullest, then what is the point of buying it? As a student, you need a fast and reliable laptop that can provide you with maximum performance.

Your assignment may require you to use heavy software that would want your processor to work more efficiently. In that case, having the latest processor can be beneficial as you can quickly complete your work and move on to do something relaxing or creative.


The display, as I have discussed before, should be 1080p. If you can’t afford high resolution, then you can also go for 720p resolution.

Many laptops nowadays are also coming with a 4K resolution, but they also charge more if you have a significant budget, then why not go for it?

The display is an essential part of your work. The picture quality should be smooth and sharp so that you can quickly read from the screen.

Also, you might be spending a large part of your day in front of the screen, so having a good quality display will save your eyes from rays and any damage.


Usually, a 2GB graphic card would be enough for a BBA student. But if the software you are using requires more power, you can add a higher capacity GPU so that you can smoothly run those applications.

My laptop has a 2GB graphic card, and for me, that’s more than enough. I also play games and trust me, it works so smoothly. Having a graphic can provide you with additional power and results.


One of the most crucial factors is portability. You might need to carry your laptop all day long when running around the campus, going from one class to another.

In that case, you don’t want to be carrying any extra load that might slow you down or makes you tired.

Ensure that the laptop you buy is highly portable. It should have a compact body so that it can easily fit inside your backpack. It should be extremely lightweight to save yourself from any extra burden.

Also, check that the manufacturing material is turdy because you will be taking it around everywhere, so it should have a solid build.


The storage device that is usually installed in laptops is the hard drive. But as a student, you should replace it with an SSD.

The SSDs are more compatible. They receive and interpret the information quicker than an HDD. It also helps the laptop to boot up quickly.

You may see a bit of lag with an HDD if you are trying to open heavy files but with an SSD installed, you can see how quickly everything works. The SSD works 60 times faster than an SSD and is more efficient, safe, and reliable.


If you have a significant budget, then I would recommend going for the latest version of a laptop as they are more efficient and quick. You can expect laptops to range from $250 to more than $1500. It depends upon your budget and requirements.

The Apple Macbook usually costs between $1200 to $2800. On the other hand, the HP and Dell laptops might cost around $500 to $1000.

Read Reviews

The Reviews are our best assets. Before buying a laptop, you can read the buyer’s reviews to know what possible issues you might face with the laptop. If you don’t see any flaw, then it must be a good one.

One thing you should know is that laptops are electronic devices and can malfunction at any time if you don’t take proper care.

Make sure not to overcharge the laptop or keep it running for a more extended period. Try to shut it down now and then to keep it in optimum condition.

I also have a written guide on Best Davinci Resolve Laptops.

Frequently Asked Questions

You still might have a few questions in mind. So I am going to answer a few of them for you. If you don’t find your question below, feel free to leave a comment for further assistance.

How much RAM is suitable for BBA students?

A minimum of 4 GB is suitable for BBA students. If you go for an 8Gb RAM one or more, then be ready to see an enhanced performance.

If your work requires more power, then make sure to go for a 16Gb RAm for maximum productivity.

What Laptop specifications are best for Students?

The laptops that a student buys should have a good display, an SSD to boot up quickly, and load apps faster.

Minimum 8Gb RAM so that they can seamlessly study and complete projects. They should have a strong GPU that will make the device more efficient.

Is Apple Macbook good for BBA students?

The Apple Macbook is not good but great for students. They have the latest chipset that provides maximum output.

They have a wide range of these. You can buy the latest Macbook Pro that we have also discussed above. You can go and have a look for yourself.

Which Laptop is Best for BBA students?

Laptops mentioned above, ranging from ASUS to Apple and Microsoft, all the latest laptops from these companies have proved to be the best in the market.

You can check out the seven best laptops discussed above and choose the best according to your requirements.

Should I go for an HDD or SSD?

If you ask for my opinion, then I would suggest a 512Gb SSD over a 1Tb HDD. The SSDs are way quicker than an HDD. They provide high performance as compared to an HDD.

So if you want your laptop to run quickly and perform tasks with maximum efficiency, then surely go for an SSD.


It is decisive that you fully understand the features and specifications and then go for the one that matches your requirements.

If you are a student, you might have to use powerful applications to complete your assignments and projects. In that case, having a powerful laptop can be a great advantage.

In the end, it is up to you now. You can select anyone from the list. My work was to provide the best laptops available in the market with reasonable rates that will be best for students.

I would highly recommend the Apple MacBook Pro. They use the latest technologies and are considered the best laptop and phone manufacturers.

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