Are you an Engineer and trying to handle complex networking? So, you are definitely looking for the best laptop that works efficiently when it comes to GNS3.

Well, end your search here! We have the best and more reliable laptops to serve your purpose well.

The GNS3 laptops are usually used by engineers who want to combine real and virtual devices. It is a kind of software that is developed to handle complex networks.

The full form states as Graphical Network Stimulator-3. This system encourages the Cisco IOS system by using emulation software.

For virtualization purposes, you require a laptop that is best in terms of performance and durability. Simple home usage laptops cannot handle the setup of various virtual machines and hardware resources.

For this, you need special laptops whose specifications and the system can handle all of this stuff of GNS3.

Before buying a laptop for a specific reason, you should know about the things which have to be considered.

You should see many factors before buying laptops for GNS3, such as processors, storage, ram, graphics, and, most importantly, VM Labs’ system needs. Don’t worry much; we have a solution there.

This article has shortlisted the top 7 Best Laptops For GNS3 (Virtualization Setup) with the best features that every person wants for running GNS3 software.

Before going to buy the new laptop, once you read the whole article, we are sure it will help you a lot in getting the right one for you.

Let’s get started!

Top 7 Best Laptops For GNS3 – Recommended

#1. Dell XPS 15 – Best Laptop For GNS3

The Dell laptop has been regarded as one of the best laptops in the world. After many years of the same style, this model has a new look with an upgraded feel and performance.

The visible changes in this model include the very noticeable bezels. It has a new 4-sided infinity edge display.

The thin display screen feels like viewing a fancy OLED TV as a laptop. The large display allows you more space for the screen to work with.

The dell company not only worked on screen but also on chassis with this model. The aluminum lid and carbon-fiber palm rest are a symbol of the XPS model line.

This model provides detailed 3D views, and the sound quality is also very amazing.

The keyboard and touchpads of Dell’s model are some of the laptop’s best parts, which prove to be very good for your virtualization tasks. The XPS 15 model is much similar to the MacBook Pro in terms of connectivity ports.

Quick Features

Improved camera location: The company has used the latest technologies to provide its customers the best experience. The smallest HD webcam is now mounted on the top of the infinity-edge display from the center and front.

Killer wireless: The latest technology of Wi-Fi 6 speeds up things in a killing way than the previous ones. The killer 1650 auto classifies and detects the communication or game traffic in your system and provides you the smooth operation.

Max memory & storage: the speedy memory provides you the needed content very rapidly. More storage room is given to the users in this laptop, which is amazing for the virtualization. The high response performance is too good.

  • Excellent display

  • Great touchpad
  • Full-size card reader
  • Upgraded chassis
  • Thin & slim design
  • It runs hot a bit

#2. Razer Blade 15 2019 – Best Affordable Laptop For GNS3

The Razer Company laptops are getting prettier whenever every new model arrived. The latest model blade 15 comes up with stunning chassis of white, which will surely catch everyone’s attention when you put it in the room.

The exterior is not only the exterior, but the laptop’s interior is also very strong and fast with amazing performance.

When it comes to the design of this model, the mercury white version is very appealing. The laptop is slim as the notebooks and surprisingly fits the number of ports as well.

The display of the laptop is striking as the chassis did to the customers. The one drawback is that the screen is a bit less bright than other laptops.

Despite other things, the touchpad and keyboard are kinds of island-style keys that are ultra-low profile. The performance of this system is also exceptional as of design.

For virtualization, this laptop’s power will remain enough and give you the best timing without heating or any other trouble.

Quick Features

Future proof design: It supports the upgradeability of dual-channel memory and HDD/SSD. Thunderbolt three technology enables its users a design that can be used easily for different tasks.

Biometric security: It has the feature of the facial lock by windows hello authentication. The IR sensors and integrated webcam provide you the best quality of performance. The security secures your data from any mishap.

Thin & compact: The remarkably durable performance while only 0.78 thin. The précised CNC aluminum body has amazing performance in the thickest foot-print possible. It not appeals to the other but also makes your work easy and smooth.

  • Beautiful design

  • Powerful performance
  • Long battery life
  • Fast transfer speeds
  • Good graphics
  • Less bright display

#3. New Apple MacBook Pro – Best Laptop for Virtualization

The 16-inches MacBook pro is one of the most powerful creations of Apple’s Company. It has a larger screen and strong, fast Intel processors as well.

This is a good investment if you want to do heavy tasks and run complex networks. The large screen helps you in getting a detailed view of 3D pictures or drafts.

The power and performance of this model are much higher than those of previous ones. It has faster graphics with a lot of memory and storage space.

The eight-core processors make the laptop’s performance incredibly high, which will surely help you in the GNS3 purposes for virtualization.

The one disadvantage is that the Apple processors are still not updated, and according to some news, they may be upgraded in 2021.

If you can wait then, you will surely buy this laptop. No matter what, the working and battery life of this laptop is way better than other ones.

Quick Features

T2 security chip: Every model of Apple features second generation’s security. This latest security chip helps you more in securing your data or important files. It also has a secure enclave that boosts the touch ID and gives the base for safe boot.

Thunderbolt 3 port: It is one of the most versatile and powerful ports in laptops’ history. It connects the charging, data sharing, and video output in one connector. This technology is reversible, no matter from which side you plug in; it is always right side up.

Long battery life: The amazing battery provides the life of about 11 hours of multimedia and browsing. It has the highest capacity battery that the company ever developed in any laptop of this range.

  • Best screen quality

  • Longest battery life
  • Great performance
  • Biggest display
  • Compactible device
  • Not 4k display

#4. Acer Aspire 5 A515-55 – Best Under Budget Laptop For GNS3

This laptop comes in the range of mid-range laptops. Although it has less price, it is an excellent choice if you have a fixed amount of money for buying a new laptop.

This Acer Company model proved itself despite rock-bottom price because of the balance between good quality and reasonability.

It is a competent laptop with 10th-generation processors for daily needs. This model’s design is a simple but attractive one with a silver lid and logo on the cover.

The metal build-up makes it similar to the Apple MacBook or Asus ZenBook premium feel. It is a portable laptop that is mostly useful for students.

The amazing and large memory of this model makes people stun even at this price it comes up.

If you are a CS student and need virtualization or GNS3, this laptop will work efficiently for the basic software. The battery life of this laptop is acceptable as it gives the timing of about 8 hours.

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Quick Features

Crystal Clear Communications: The two built-in microphones of Acer’s purified voice technology confirm the clearing and filtering out of any noise during communication. It helps you in getting clear communication with your loved ones.

Visibly Stunning: The large HD display screen provides clear and stunning visibility due to the narrow-bezel design. For eye protection and improved visual effects, it has Acer color intelligence and light shield technologies.

Wi-Fi 6 technology: Wireless technology provides you the speedy and fast access to everything you need. This technology is a big step towards the wireless connectivity world by giving its users great convenience.

  • Good build-up quality

  • Reasonable price
  • Fine performance
  • Updated components
  • Sleek design
  • Less vibrant screen

#5. OEM Lenovo ThinkPad E15 – Best Laptop for Virtual Machines

The ThinkPad E series has the title that they do a high performance with a little cooling. This laptop can be used for basic uses and office purposes too.

The people who want to run GNS3 on the laptop for virtualization purposes, and then this laptop is also affordable and good for them.

The chassis of this E15 model is thinner and lighter than the former models of the E series. This model has a finger reader, which is embedded in the power button.

To provide versatility to the consumers, the manufacturers develop the HD 1080p display screen and privacy shutters for additional security cameras.

This laptop has comfortable angles of view and a better contrast ratio. The 10th-generation processors boost the performance of the laptop.

This laptop is pretty good for any type of heavy task such as virtualization. The four cores will also help you in running complex networks without any disturbance.

Quick Features

Stylish design: This laptop is encased in sturdy and sleek aluminum, specially designed to make it portable. The impressive performance and appealing looks make it stylish at a reasonable price and value for money surely.

Privacy protector: The laptop has a privacy shutter feature, which is placed in the camera. It safeguards your data and important files from any trouble or mishap. Even your log-in details are saved, as you can close the system with a webcam.

Big display: From working things to multimedia, you can see everything in detail with a big HD display of 15.6 inches. It also has the technology of switching in-plane, which helps share things and content with others.

  • Good product

  • Worth buying
  • Durable laptop
  • Supreme quality
  • Latest technologies
  • Pale camera quality

#6. Acer Predator Helios 300 Laptop

This is the latest model of Acer Company with 10th generation i7 processors, which proves to be best for heavy tasks.

The display and graphic quality of this laptop are amazing. The big display with NVIDIA graphics makes the laptop a predator in any task, whether gaming or virtualization machines.

The high processors provide a stunning jump in the performance of the laptop. It easily manages to please its users in terms of performance while managing heat issues very well.

The touchpad or black keyboard works very well and provides smoothly supporting gestures to the consumers of the laptop.

The laptop keeps a balance between performance, quality, and price, although it has a low price. The predator Helios 300 is a mid-level laptop that aims to provide its users the maximum bang compared to other models.

Whatever the price is, the working of the laptop matters.

Quick Features

Backlit keyboard: The amazing and beautiful backlit keyboard has concave shape keycaps for WASD. It features the basic two integral keys which the user takes notice of. One is predator-sense, and the other one is Turbo. It appeals to the consumers very well.

Killer double-shot pro: with this feature, you can control the bandwidth prioritization from the control center. Due to this, you can select the applications which take up the most important and precious bandwidth of the laptop according to your choice.

3D Fan technology: with the latest technology of 3D fan, the systems do not get heat up while performing multiple tasks at once. The 4th generation Aero-blade innovations keep the performance high, which is useful for virtualization purposes.

  • Superior cooling

  • Impressive audio
  • Best screen quality
  • Worth buying
  • Bang performance
  • Cleaner design
  • Toasty chassis

#7. HP 17.3 i5-8265u – Best Cheap Laptop For GNS3

This laptop has the biggest HD screen you have ever seen on which you can do your office tasks or virtualization, or you can watch a movie.

The large memory setup enables the users to run various applications simultaneously without any heating issues. You can say this laptop is fast and light too.

This laptop has the features that you cannot restrict it to only personal usage, but it also works very amazingly for professional use.

It includes many qualities such as powerful performance, sleek design, durability, and ease to carry too. The best thing is that this laptop is very pocket friendly for buyers.

The quad processors make working very smooth and easy.

Don’t think that if it is cheap, you are at risk because the HP Company is famous and builds quality laptops with the best features. It is considered a do-it-all laptop that can make your work at home or office very comfy and easy.

Quick Features

Large display: The 17.3 inches screen allows a bright view. It maintains the colors in the images and videos. The high resolution provides the consumers the high-quality photos, and the glossy screen gives fine details of everything.

Power efficiency: This laptop has strong and powerful power, which provides efficiency to the consumers. The quad-core processors are developed in the system, which gives the users the best working performance and entertains them during multimedia.

High system memory: The 8 GB memory of the system allows the users to work with ease. You can save big files and run complex networks without any disturbance or heating issues due to high memory. It proves to be best for multitasking.

  • Cool display

  • Good battery life
  • Perfectly portable
  • Easy multitasking
  • Amazing for work
  • Little bit expensive

Complete Buying Guide for Best Laptops For GNS3

The subject GNS3 is very broad to list some specifications simply and say it’s all done.

This is because dozens of users are working in different scenarios and have different kinds of needs from the virtualization setup. So buying the right one for your proposal is quite difficult.

There are many things and specifications you should keep in mind before any laptop for this task.

The many terms of virtual setup are complex, and many of you seem unfamiliar with them. Initially, if you are a new one in this field, you should know some important things, and if you are not new, you already know.

We have made this buying guide, especially for the newbies as it contains all the information about GNS3; you need to know before buying. So don’t worry and read this guide once.

Hardware Needs

Processors: for this task, you develop many virtual machines on your laptop, so multiple resources have to be shared among VMs. To meet the needs of resources, you require a powerful and strong processor.

The recommendation is to get a multi-core processor. You should get a laptop with an Intel i7, which is the latest generation.

Storage: the least storage to run VM software on a laptop is 500 GBs. The main feature you should see in a laptop is the hard disk type.

If you want to speed up your system, then buy a laptop with SSD or hybrid SSD & SATA. You can separately add the SSD or SATA of 256 GB and 1TB, respectively, to the laptop.

Graphics: In virtualization, there is no requirement of adding any special graphics. The simple onboard integrated graphics works amazingly.

If your laptop has NVidia or other cards with video RAM, then the laptop’s performance will be enhanced. Buying an extra graphic card is not recommended.

RAM: If you want speedy access to your data, enough memory is required to share resources by VMs.

The VM software has specified a RAM of about 4 GB, which is used to create and test VM labs. If you want to test others such as Hadoop work, then the minimum memory of 16 GB is recommended.

Design: For virtualization, the strong components inside the laptop are a need and fact, too; that’s why the laptop’s design also becomes important.

The laptop’s design term means that a well-organized laptop can handle heavy loads and high temperatures. Thick and heavy laptops can easily handle the heat as they have big ventilation.

GPU: This part of the laptop is not needed for virtualization unless your VM does some type of media development or works with detailed 3D pictures.

So it’s up to you whether you want to add it or not according to your setup.

Virtualization users: Before buying any laptop for virtualization, you should have to categorize yourself.

Your profession and your task will help you a lot in getting the right one for your purpose. There are some types of users given below, so check who you are and get the right one.

Students: The students usually need laptops that can run simple software for visualization, which are required during the studies.

Laptops with Windows ten are usually required for undergrad students who can easily run the basic software.

IT professionals: The pros usually require setting up a VM lab on their laptops. They need the integrating firewalls, VMs, routes, and ESXi hosts, which can be run over simple laptops, but they ingest a lot of memory.

Software tester: These people test the software they wrote on various operating systems. They don’t require a proper setup for running VMs. The laptops with core i5 and 8 GB RAM will work out for them.

Pen testing: These are the people who require the most powerful laptops for the virtualization processes.

If you also want to get a powerful laptop, you should buy a laptop with all the hardware specifications mentioned above. It is also recommended to buy a laptop with dedicated graphics and additional memory, which may help you in future software.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s take a look at some frequently asked questions that most people have.

Do various cores of the laptop slow down the virtual setup a lot?

To answer this question properly is a tough thing. It is because some people say that it depends upon the different versions of VM.

On the other hand, some say that newly released laptops will deal with this thing better. If we generally talk, then yes, as you assign many CPUs to a guest.

The many overheads in the virtual setup mean more waiting times. This happens unless you have definite software that works efficiently with multiple cores. Then it will not slow down the VM in your laptops.

Is there any need for older hardware to run Linux with all required drivers?

No, there is no requirement for older hardware. The statement is accurate that Linux will have the drivers for the older hardware.

The thing is but Linux is an open-source (OS). The software Linux is updated daily, and new drivers are also created.

If you do not like to wait and want to get the best Linux compatibility, then go for older hardware. If you are the one who wants newly released hardware, then you have to wait. So it’s totally up to you.

How much RAM is required for virtualization on the laptop?

The main thing about the setup of a virtual machine on the laptop is the memory you assign to the virtualization process.

The more memory you give to VM, the more you can get or do from it. For the proper process, assign the memory to the virtual machine from the settings.

If your system has 2 GB RAM, then the VMs performance is not acceptable enough. The recommended memory is 8GB of RAM, which will run the virtual machines properly without any trouble. The minimum RAM required for virtualization is about 4 GB.

How can someone develop a virtual machine on a laptop?

To create a virtual machine on the laptop, you have to consider your laptop’s operating system. After picking up the operating system, then get the instructions of your category from Google or YouTube on the internet.

Generally talking, then you will go to open the hyper V quick creation option from the menu. Select the OS by utilizing your local installation source.

Other options can be seen on your menu bar. For this purpose, you can see tutorials that can tell you about it very clearly and perfectly.

Which type of laptop suits best the process of virtualization or GNS3?

The GNS3 is software or a system that combines the virtual and real devices on your laptop.

It contains complex networks, so you need a strong and powerful laptop to fulfill your system and VM labs requirements better to run this process.

The laptop which performs well has large memory and storage which suits mostly best for this task.

In the article, we have provided you with the best laptops. From that, you can choose the laptop which can suit your task and setup.


This article has concluded everything with much effort to provide you with the best laptops for GNS3 and the guide.

All these things will surely help you in buying the best one once you read the whole article. Every product we shortlisted in this article is of amazing quality and performance.

The best one among these top products is Apple MacBook Pro, which is also top reviewed by users worldwide.

The performance and working of this laptop are best for virtualization tasks. It is a bit expensive, but this product is worth buying if you need to run the GNS3. We are sure any product you choose will not disappoint you

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